DEAD OF WINTER: Haunted Houses on Film series @ The Brattle Theater(1/13-1/19)


We’re putting the chills back into wintertime with this series featuring some of the most iconic haunted houses ever committed to celluloid. From Robert Wise’s seminal THE HAUNTING to a sneak preview of the brand new haunted inn thriller, THE INNKEEPERS, there’s just something about a creepy, creaky old house that inspires fear. This series features homegrown American classics like the original AMITYVILLE HORROR, THE SHINING and POLTERGEIST alongside foreign titles like THE ORPHANAGE and the amazingly frightening JU-ON: THE GRUDGE, among others. And, to top it all off, the inspiration for this whole series: a rare, uncut 35mm print of Italian horror maestro Lucio Fulci’s THE HOUSE BY THE CEMETERY which was, strangely, filmed in Massachusetts.

text from the Brattle website

1/13 HOUSE BY THE CEMETARY(1981) directed by Lucio Fulci @ MIDNITE(and other timeS)
1/13 THE INNKEEPERS(2011) directed by Ti West
1/14 THE HAUNTING(1963) directed by Robert Wise
1/14 HOUSE(1977) dir Nobuhiko Ohbayashi @ MIDNITE(and other times)
1/15 THE SHINING(1980) directed Stanley Kubrick
1/15 BURNT OFFERINGS(1976) directed by Dan Curtis
1/16 13 GHOSTS(1960) directed by William Castle
1/16 BEETLEJUICE(1988) directed by Tim Burton
1/17 JU-ON: THE GRUDGE(2002) directed by Takashi Shimizu
1/17 THE ORPHANAGE(2007) directed by Juan Antonio Bayona
1/18 THE AMITYVILLE HORROR(1979) directed by Stuart Rosenberg
1/18 POLTERGEIST(1982) directed by Tobe Hooper
1/19 THE AMITYVILLE HORROR(1979) directed by Stuart Rosenberg
1/19 POLTERGEIST(1982) directed by Tobe Hooper


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