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Dan Shea was born in Dorchester, and grew up on the South Shore of Massachusetts in Weymouth, MA (the same town Seige is from). He was and is in punk bands, and pop bands and other kinds of bands. He used to run a show house called the HOSS, and now he writes for, and does other things for the Boston Hassle website, and it’s mother organization, the Boston Hassle arts organization.

The music that you can find, and that is being made right here in Boston, and all over New England, is of a variety and depth that is deserving of a more widespread attention. Strands of noise rock, techno-noise/experimental electronic music, and various and earnest takes on pop rock forms collided in 2013 truly sending the foam flying. It was a good year. Maybe we’ll hear your music in 2014?

My Favorite Boston & New England Records of 2013 (in no particular order):

Taps – Taps 2 (Individual Lines)
Clatter and suspense amid free sonic exploration from one of my favorite drummers period, and two of my favorite experimental & improv performers without doubt, Chris Strunk and Brendan Murray. Electronic and acoustic brought together with force, creativity, and craft that I rarely encounter. In total probably the release that trafficked in quiet, that I most enjoyed this year. Pick up their first album too!! From JP/Cambridge. Earlier Hassle article.

Container – Treatment (Morphine Records)
Container’s bush whacking (along with that of a number of others) has over the last few years led me to a neighborhood nestled within Electronic Dance Music City that I feel I can call my own. And his wizardry is real, and the scuzz flavored beats that he conjures are true and hypnotic as all get out. Just listen to “Treatment” and attempt not be drawn into and absorbed by the creaking hulk of slimy bombast that this track is. Drops right in and never let’s up. I feel lucky to have such a merchant of rhythmic menace in our midst. From Providence. Container plays Boston Hassle’s monthly SCANNERS electronic noise beat night on 2/20 @ Deep Thoughts.

Skimask – Cute Mutant (100% Breakfast/ Sophomore Lounge/ Infinity Cat Recs, 2012)
I included this record at the tail end of my 2012 Favorites List, but as it came out at the very last moment in 2012 I didn’t actually get to hear it in full until sometime later. Once I did though I knew that I must include it on the 2013 list as well; so as to give it it’s due. This is the best document yet of one of the most original bands to come out of Boston in a long time. Guitar-less but so heavy, pummeling really, and just so strange. The bulldozer bass of my dreams emanates from inside of Dom’s windpipe. Amazing. Peculiar. Quite punk. And what a smooth move to link up with Fat Day/Exusamwa’s Doug Demay to get it all on tape. And one of the most awesome record packaging situations I’ve come across. From JP/ Allston.

Cowboy Band – Cowboy Songs (Lungbasket)
A bunch of NEC wackos led by Andrew Clinkman, doing their take on the forgotten glory of hillbilly ballads, mountain music, country music’s soul. It is easy to love the deconstructed, reconstructed, spastic art punk flustered reverence on display as they use these great songs as their canvas. “Gallows Song” is a perfect example of why I love this record so much. If you don’t like classic country music then stay far away (and get ya head checked, j/k, eh), but… if you can get down, and you do not mind getting weird, then this album is something for you to love. And though they are no more, you ought to pay attention to who they were. From JP. Earlier Hassle article.

Truck Stanley’s Night Dreams – When I Was A Beast In The Woods (Friendship Ceremonies)
Ace underground rabble rouser, fire starter, organizer, and electronics experimental-ist, Mark Johnson, lit it up in 2013 and this is the best example of his neon prowess if you ask me. (I also included a BANG! BROS. recording on this list as well which is Mark’s duo with Adam Foam.) Anyway, I’ve been smelling the fumes from these wonky grooves, and noise experiments ever since I first heard them. Even throughout my sinus surgery and recovery period, and even though ears are not supposed to be able to detect odor, and tapes are not supposed to emit fumes!! From JP. Earlier Hassle article

Belarisk – On Amorphous Dawn (NNA Tapes)
Vermont’s NNA Tapes is easily New England’s label of the year (they’re probably my 2013 favorite label on earth actually), and this experimental electronic offering by Lee Tindall is one of the reason’s behind such feelings. A collision of synthscapes, noise, and the feeling that anything is possible. Lee’s one of the guys behind one of Boston’s best tape labels YDLIMIER TAPES. Makes sense right? From Providence. Earlier Hassle article

Arkm Foam – The Foam Doesn’t Fall Far From The Shore (Whitehaus Family Record, re-released by Hot Releases)
Read my earlier write up about this guy and his record for further insight, but I mean: Foam Is Great! His power to unite and create have crafted in this record the truest capture of his greatness I have heard summoned forth via plastic. A multi-layered attack on your brain concocted from Adam only knows what pile of tape and electronics. Killer southern East Coast label Hot Releases apparently agrees with the dynamism of this album, as they just re-released it on expensive vinyl records. And the concept of the blank side of the tape being left available and intended to forever change? Genius (apparently Eric Haygun deserves some props for this too). From JP. Earlier Hassle article.

Form A Log – The Two Benjis (Decoherence Records)
Container’s Ren Schofield returns here in this trio of bent tape and electronics beat miners that also includes wild-on-the-decks men: Rick Weaver and Noah Anthony. Enjoying their magic live is the most natural way, tapes flipping and being inserted, layers appearing and fading. You must. I scored a couple tapes from this lot in 13′, but this one in particular blech’d and stuttered its way deeply into my heart (and its appreciation of the wonky groove). “Jewel Case” possesses a glitchy brilliance, and offers an unbelievable demand to move my body to it. And yes I am powerless, wobbly bass flowing beneath a tide riddled with debris du synth and sample. Damage! From Providence (and Philly, and possibly Chatanooga). Earlier Hassle article.

Guerilla Toss/Sediment Club – Kicked Back a Into The Crypt (Sophomore Lounge)
Sophomore Lounge out in Louisville wins here with a second record on my list! Cool label! A two sided beast on our hands my friends. Sediment Club working the no wave & post-punk notion to the bone and then removing skin from other parts of their body and grafting it back onto the parts where the bone is showing and continuing on. “Vehicular Suspicion” sounds like my stomach turning o’er and o’er as I fall down the endless escalator @ Porter Square T station, just after having feasted @ Addis Red Sea. And Guerilla Toss’ side? Let’s just say that all in all if I had to choose a favorite GTOSS record from this year (or maybe ever) I would probably choose this half record of theirs. “Bird In A Basket” is my favorite Guerilla Toss song. Way to go my people. From JP/Allston/Providence/Western MA. Guerilla Toss plays a Boston Hassle show on 1/31 @ the Cambridge Elks Lodge.

(New England) Patriots
/ Skimask split tape (self released, to be re-released as a 12″ by 100% Breakfast Records in 2014)
The insanity of an NE Pats set, and the only example of such in 2013, on tape. This is a magical band as far as I’m concerned. One of those situations where the band members seem able to fully meld together into one. In this case a fire breathing rock behemoth of riff and thud and a strange box full of electronics. Colby’s vocals waft along as if a banshee that travels with one of the gnarlier bands in the land. Theirs is an otherworldly, and dynamic noise rock. Crusty and scuzzing even in moments when the momentum of the beast is reduced to a lumber and a rattle. The Skimask side is debauched as can be expected, Andy Brown sounding perhaps more menacing than ever before. His vocals (mixed right up in with the bubbling electronics and flailing thunder of Cory Bell’s awesome drumming) like a baby in the womb, wanting to burst out but in reality exactly where it should be. Perfection. So happy that 100% Breakfast is re-releasing this in vinyl, as this may be Skimask’s best recordings yet. A two headed wonder of Bostonian noise rock dimensions.

Downtown Boys – s/t (self released, 2012)
Fucking rules. This band rules so hard. They rule so hard in fact that I’m including their most recent self-titled album (their latest) on this 2013 list. It’s my own fault that I didn’t get these horn splattered co-ed & bi-lingual punk shockers into my ear holes any earlier. I’m the only one to blame. I fell in love with this band’s fried and saturated brand of off-the-wall shit throwing punk immediately upon hearing it. And that went down in 2013, and thus because this band meant so much to me in the last year I must include them and their album on this list. Must give props where props are due after all. C’mon. Absolute slayers, the whole record. The kind of punk rock that makes you want wave your fist in the air and climb over chain link fences. “Car Boys” is so great, a prime example of what this all is: an unholy combo of X-RAY SPEX, CRASS, and I don’t know what, but it will be full of piss and vinegar I can tell you that. Singer Victoria and the gang slay here, slay live, and have occupied a large sector of my heart throughout 2013. Can’t wait to hear what it is that comes next from them. From Providence. Earlier Hassle article.

The Monsieurs – Rock The Night (Macchio Records)
So you’re telling me that the crazier of those brothers (twins aren’t they?) from TUNNEL OF LOVE has a new garage rock thing going? And Hilken from SHEPHERDESS & GIRLS ROCK CAMP BOSTON is the only guitar player, and she’s shredding like an animal? And she’s singing sweet sweet backup vocals? And Erin is playing bare bones stand-up drums and just creating a stomping madness that will drive you crazy on every song? This all so goddamn true that I want to just go home and cry. Garage rock/pop gone and perfected. “Kari Ann” is a scuzz filled wonder through 3 some odd minutes of pinnacle garage rock. You will have the chorus in your head. Want to or not. This needs to be heard by FAR more people. From JP/ Brookline. Earlier Hassle article

Marty Kings – XVII (Macchio Records)
I don’t think this band has ever played a show. You know THE MONSIEURS (see above)? This is them with Jonathan on drums instead of Erin. Andy Macbain is credited with writing all these songs (as he is with THE MONSIEURS stuff), but here he is also given credit for playing a bunch of instruments as well. And as much as I love the ROCK THE NIGHT record by Macbain’s other band, this record by MARTY KINGS is, dare I say, even better. Grimier, scuzzier, and in the end. in possession of just a slightly bigger pile of songs that I LOVE. “Talk This Way” has the man sounding like somebody who never, I mean never (I mean he sleeps in it) takes off his leather jacket. “Bom Bom Bom” has Hilken taking lead vocals for the nastiest bastard country fried Ramones-thing you ever heard in your life. He’s Macbain people. He is in the mix everybody. Somebody grab the man his throne and crown and give him some money quick. Who does garage rock and pop better in the northeast?? I mean really!?! From JP/ Brookline.

Saralee – s/t (Ride The Snake Records) No song over 3 minutes on the best indie pop/ jangle pop record that has possibly ever come out of Boston. At times I am taken directly back to a 90s place populated by K RECORDS types when there were so many, and when they were wonderful (some of the later variety of these performers were among the first performers that I ever booked a show for in my life). The raw wonderful power of these songs, and basically all SARALEE songs, is not a thing you can hold in your hand or read about in a book. It is a thing you feel, because you can hear that these two are doing what they are doing because they have to and it feels good. “Children of the Night” is a stunning favorite of mine. Here’s to hopefully seeing and hearing more SARALEE, one of my absolute favorites Boston bands, in 14′. From Allston. Earlier Hassle article.

Happy Jawbone Family Band – s/t (Mexican Summer) Dig back into this Vermont crew’s catalog. If you do you’ll find what you are looking for. Simply put, one of the best pop bands in the land, be that our lovely New England, or greater land masses (however you want to divide it up). I’ve been lucky enough to have known this bunch for years at this point, and I have been further lucky to have been able to pour their kind of sugar into my ears for that length of time. A wonderful, and shambling collective of pop-smiths, I fell in love with their lo-fidelity ways and their disarming charm. So what of this updated more polished full length, their first to be spread around near and far in a truly truly proper way befitting of a band possessed of such a sound of the people? Well, I’ll tell you what: it’s fantastic, and in many ways it is Happy Jawbone’s best record. I think the quality of the recording befits their steez, and perhaps even augments it. And if you don’t get a rush of joy straight to your pleasure center when they drop “D.R.E.A.M.I.N.”, well, I guess you don’t like pop music friend. There is of course nothing wrong with that, but I mean, why do you have to be such a bummer anyway? From Brattleboro, VT. Earlier Hassle article

Krill – Lucky Leaves (self released) I met Luke & Aaron from Krill via their saving of our asses when we lost our main venue for HASSLE FEST 3 (then called Homegrown), a very short period of time before the scheduled first day of the fest. By far the best night of that fest took place over in Medford, and it was because of 2/3 of what I would become aware of later as Krill. Add in Jonah and the whole bunch is here. Earlier this year they gave us 11 strange pop and often jangling nods to myriad rock influences of the past, none that could be pinned to them however. A true and honest and wholly original sound was fully birthed on Lucky Leaves and I feel lucky to have gotten to hear it right out of the gate, for real. And what a beautiful guitar sound. Was there a song that I heard scores of people spontaneously singing all over the place, randomly, at any point in the day, more than “Theme From Krill”??? Absolutely not. From Jamaica Plain. Krill plays a Boston Hassle show on 3/30 @ Great Scott. Earlier Hassle article.

Jesus Vio – Do You Like Led Zeppelin? (BUFU Records) Jesus Vio is perhaps the Boston underground music world’s most amazing, under-sung songwriter. Vio, via his old band CAMP HOPE, his current band FREE PIZZA, and solo recordings (like this record and early 2013’s wonderful DEBES SIEMPRE ESTAR CONTENTO JESUS?.?.?.) shows a flair for melody, as well as an ability to incorporate the unexpected into what you think you should expect from a power pop song, or a punk pop song, or a post-punk song even. He’s written way too many amazing songs for me to think otherwise at this point. When FREE PIZZA’s full length comes out next year people are going to pay attention, and I mean people beyond the dense and rich Jamaica Plain underground music community that I’m lucky to share with people like Jesus. Anyway, check out this guy’s music for a refreshingly original and real take on known music forms. The longest of the 6 songs found here is 2:49, and the rest are under 1:30. This is power pop, with touches of the blues (don’t run away), and the kind of classic rock that the album’s title asks you about. “Ooh Es Ah” should by all rights be horrible, but instead it makes me want to punch holes in the ceiling in the most positive way possible. “2013” is a strange guitar solo excursion, that once again defies the constrictions that would seem to be placed on it by the parts that make up the sum that is “2013.” A beautiful bluegrass-like guitar line closes out the song and the album. Seems to me like Jesus chose a good number of the different pieces that he used to construct this 6 song whole, based upon their uncool-ness, their leper-like general response within the underground. And then he turned the whole thing on its head, and bashed out a quick and awesome batch of songs with those materials. Maybe he didn’t approach it like this? I’ll have to ask him. Either way, I think you should try loving this future piece of Boston underground pop history. I already do.

Ryan Power – Identity Picks (NNA Tapes) If you are the type of person who gets hung up on the aesthetics of music or art before you drink in what it’s all about, then shame on you you crazy fool. Ryan Power is the prize. And you know this if you have heard his incredible second full length for NNA Tapes, Identity Picks, or if you’ve been lucky enough to catch the man and his band live. At times Power’s synth pop sound choices betray the darker existential nature of some of his lyrical content; the searching, the worrying, the wanting. Strange, and funny, and honest and hook filled pop that is unorthodox in all the right ways. From Burlington, VT. Ryan Power plays a Boston Hassle show on 1/31 @ the Cambridge Elks Lodge. Earlier Hassle article

Bushmask – Some Demonic Kitchen (self released)
Dan Lawrence is a still very young guy from the Boston area who has impressed me a couple times with his musical projects over the last few years. None of those projects hit me as hard as Bushmask, and this album here though. Clearly having grown up with musical interests outside of the mainstream, Lawrence’s Bushmask songs seamlessly slip back and forth between blown out fuzz and acoustic guitars, and at times feature both layered atop one another. With this album he has created an awesome tapestry of underground pop songs that you’ll want to return to. Song structures and croon make for a pop approach, but only come looking if you enjoy odd tangents, and experimental sounds w/ your pop. Teenage and/ or hermit Bostonians and New Englanders, we want to hear your home recorded experiments and bursts of creative wonder! I’m glad Dan L. shared his. From Newton, MA. Earlier Hassle article.

Doug Tuttle – s/t (Trouble In Mind, 2014)
Coming out at the end of january actually, Doug Tuttle’s first solo record is an amazing slice of psychedelic pop featuring the resulting solos of Doug’s ripping guitar heroics. This is psychedelia of the highest order, reverential fully but so dynamic and exciting that anyone with ears will be mesmerized. Trouble In Mind is probably the best “classic psych”-minded label in the USofA, featuring a roster of groups from around the world saturated in and inspired by the sounds of the late 60s onward. The acts associated with the label are not throwbacks though, each crafting a distinct place for themselves and their music in the aural stew of 2014. And this label is releasing Doug Tuttle’s first solo record, the first and long deserved opportunity for him to step out from behind a band and get the attention and recognition that he deserves. The melancholy yet pop songwriting is great, the guitar playing fantastic, and Doug’s voice; a gentle, seemingly floating thing serves as the invitation. Through its beauty and power it draws you immediately into this musical realm that Tuttle has created all by his own hand. From Cambridge, MA. Doug Tuttle plays TREAT YO SELF, Boston Hassle’s monthly music-food-art hybrid event @ Middlesex on 1/29. Earlier Hassle article.

Guerilla Toss – Gay Disco (NNA Tapes)
The third record that this beloved (and on occasion loathed) bunch of noise rock+ cretins released in 2013. Given that, it makes sense that this was a big year for them. This was the final record of the year for Guerilla Toss and it was the one that made the biggest splash; at least outside of the New England contingents that have long looked upon their ugliness with mother eyes. There is no doubt that thing get funkier on Gay Disco, but these 5 have brought the bastard funk for as long as they have brought anything. But something else infiltrates these songs, a something which we were trying to understand by calling it urban noise rock. I think all that something really is though is: fun. Maybe they’re hitting their stride, maybe they’re happier, maybe it’s their body’s natural release of sugary vibes after so many virulent grooves. Awesome record, and their next will probably not be a thing like it. Another stellar NNA Tapes release! From Jamaica Plain/ Allston. Guerilla Toss plays a Boston Hassle show on 1/31 @ the Cambridge Elks Lodge. Earlier Hassle article

Speedy Ortiz – Major Arcana (Carpark Records)
Western MA indie rock upstarts who blew the fuck up in 13′. Sadie Dupuis is one of my favorite current female singers easy, and the band’s capacity for pop song craft, use of dissonance, and mastery of the LOUD quiet LOUD model, is awesome. Everyone I know likes this record and this band; both my friends steeped in a constant deluge of new music and my friends stuck in 95′ watching 120 Minutes (AND even my, a bit more aged friends, who grew up in the American underground of the mid-to-late 80s that initially inspired much of the 90s sounds that inspire this band and their ilk today). The first band and/or record of the Boston/ Mass. underground music explosion (as well as the first shrapnel from the Allston basement scene implosion) to receive really widespread national/ international attention. But probably not the last. From Western MA generally/ Northampton/ Newton MA. Speedy Ortiz plays a Boston Hassle show on 2/8 @ Tasty Burger (Harvard Sq.). Earlier Hassle article

Tomboy – In The Fucking Band/ January Demo (Trashy Tapes)
Fantastic indie pop/ garage pop from this Boston trio! They don’t seem to play that much, geographically spread out as the band members seem. I’m not sure I tried harder to book a single band than I did to book Tomboy this year. And I never pulled it off! Good things come to those who wait, at least that’s what I’m hoping. Cuz these 3 are good. This is really just some of the best pop that came out of Boston or anywhere in New England this year. I am unbelievably psyched for their debut LP on Cambridge’s Ride The Snake Records in 14′. “I’m in the fucking band, I’m not his fucking girlfriend.” Amazing. Riot Grrrl, indie pop, and girl group pop spliced. Perfect. From Boston. Earlier Hassle article

Hoax – s/t (self released)
Crazed, lunatic fringe hardcore (that pairs with what is most certainly an infamous live show at this point) that surpasses most (of the generally low) expectations of a genre that I’ve lived with and loved since I was 15;a genre that most of the time acts with a desire to be the “other” from all but those who think/look very similar to themselves. HOAX doesn’t give a fuck about hairstyles and jackets and musical rules and all the bullshit that I don’t give a I fuck about. I thus find kindred spirits as the un-punk within the punk community that I myself have always been. And their music is brutal totality. Vocals melding with guitars and drums in a sludgy hardcore wash of heavvvvy breakdowns and otherwise ripping blast. I’ve read that this may be their final release. I hope that this isn’t the case, but if so these guys have been one of the nastiest USHC bands of the last many years. From Western MA.

No, Sir I Won’t – The Door (Framework Label)
Roughly based around the loose, rarely touched template of “peace punk”, an adirondack housing some of my favorite bands ever (Crass, Flux of Pink Indians), No, Sir I Won’t have been one of my favorite Boston punk bands for years. Comprised of known Boston punk commodities who find success seemingly in any strain of punk or related music that they care to take a stab at. This band is awesome. And as the (brain)killer label (Ipswich’s Framework) that put out this EP (known as The Door) claims, it’s also refreshing. Refreshing as punk, and just plain refreshing as music. The most overtly political record I heard this year that had the musical muscle to back up it’s stances and statements. Dan stands atop this soapbox, relentlessly letting loose with social commentary, and a smart biting wit. And he doesn’t run from melody either. Jeff’s guitar playing is just phenomenal here. I’ve known this guy for years, and seen/heard tons of his bands. Despite being quite into many of those bands this is by far the most varied and amazing performance I’ve ever heard him give. Props seriously. “When You Gonna Realize?” dips into piano balladry for parts of its 6+ minutes. When a punk band is pulling that off you know that they are a special band. These 6 songs are more than proof. I love these guys. From Boston.

Unicorn Hard-On – Weird Universe (Spectrum Spools)
Valerie Martino has long been part of New England’s deep underground. Operating often out of Providence (long a haven for NE’s most mole people-ian sound creators), she has wrecked many a mind and ear (mine among them) in these parts with her noise & electronics experiments. And now in these days of what once was a harsher noise environment giving way and giving way to a new place with an emphasis on the beat and/or an emphasis on deconstruction of the beat, Martino’s many years of experimentation and bevy of recorded materials is being looked upon anew. She and some of her Providence brethren are rightly being given credit for innovating this “new thing” (technoise, beat oriented underground electronic music, techno/noise hybrid) into existence. Meanwhile Martino continues making challenging new music, a shining light in the crowd that has gathered around her and her sounds. WEIRD UNIVERSE is probably giving her swarthy electronic approach its widest audience yet. Layers and layers of squelch, and Nintendo memories, and electronic dance music past (that I missed out on and still probably know nothing about), and synthesizers bound and gagged and on occasion given back their freedom. Right on the front lines of this kind of electronic weird happening in New England. Every Unicorn Hard-On release a total journey, warranting multiple attempts at a retracing of ones steps, and the sounds you think you just heard. From Providence. Unicorn Hard-On plays Boston Hassle’s monthly SCANNERS electronic noise beat night on 2/20 @ Deep Thoughts.

Designer – Kalvin and Kline (BUFU Records)
Designer blasted onto the Boston scene in 2013 managing to meld the velocity, experimental sounds, and volume of noise rock with the bombast, bounce and bubbling enthusiasm of say some hip-hop or modern electronic pop. The latter comparisons are not really even inferred, it’s just difficult to describe what it is these guys are giving to an audience. Dan Deacon or Lightning Bolt are probably better touchstones for the frenzy of good times, positivity that is unfurled by Designer. They released a couple things this year, and none of them were long enough (still waiting for that really deep dive into what these guys are all about). KALVIN AND KLINE was my favorite of the bunch, showcasing their willingness to throw melodic hooks into the chaotic meltdown and surge of their special blend of neon noise rock. When they do release a full length I’m thinking that there will be a en masse freak out. From Jamaica Plain.

Bang! Bros. – Vol. 13 “3rd Degree Birthday” (No Basement Is Deep Enough)
Bang! Bros is the pure insanity, electro-rhythmic chaos duo of Foam & Johnson, or Roland & Simon. This particular release is Vol. 13 in Bang! Bros.’ epic Hard Rocks Series which when it concludes (has it concluded? will it ever conclude? did it ever really start? does our universe exist on the head of a pin in a some unfathomably large being’s sewing room?) will include 20 volumes. A band like this exists to fuck with suckers like me, who might deign to write about their goings on and whatnot. This particular release, 3RD DEGREE BIRTHDAY is, as stated above, Vol. 13 in the series. It was released sometime after Hard Rocks Vol. 1 + 20. No Basement Is Deep Enough, the Serbian/Belgian cassette-as-art-piece label with a mysterious fetish for weird New England, is the label that released this concoction of fried and infinity electronics. The presentation is everything for this label and here they offer up a green cassette that comes wrapped in handmade & painted Mexican wrestling mask. Also included is a hot pink and black Santos playing card insert. Bang! Bros. also released the 12/12/12 Box this year, a chronicling of their unofficial breaking of the “World Record for Most Live Performances in Different Cities in 24 Hours.” There were 5 released. Incomprehensible, insanely difficult to get a handle on, and one of my favorite Boston bands. From Jamaica Plain.



Hoax – Caged 7″ (La Vida Es Un Mus)

Container – Adhesive 12″ (Liberation Technologies)
Earlier Hassle article.

Funeral Cone – Peel Back The Foil 7″ (originally self released as a cassette, and re-released as a 7″ by 100% Breakfast in 2013)


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