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You know that feeling ya get after 2 pints of coffee and too much workplace BS? That jittery, heart-palpitating electrical charge that just has to come out? Go ahead and let your inner fury wild TONIGHT at this proper local rock showcase.

Always with a foot in the pit and 40 in hand, the duders at KIDS LIKE YOU AND ME Records putting out the new tape from ELECTRIC STREET QUEENS. Featuring the propulsive drumming of Mel of The Fagettes, this powerful trio (formerly duo) roll with a sweaty and mean swagger you can stomp along to. KYLAM and co-promoter ILLEGALLY BLIND fill out the rest with easy ear-pleasers. Cavalier garage goons CREATUROS deliver that steady psyched-out beat, NICE GUYS rip bongs and tear eardrums with fun-guzzling punk, and HEADBAND deliver the easy golden rock good times.

So save that spunk for after-hours and get yerself to good ol’ Church in the Fenway for this mid-week gift.

9pm // 21+ // $8

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