These articles were originally published in Boston Compass #60 (January ’15).


Filmmaker Needs EVERYONE

I need you. All types, all experiences. The Story: In a futuristic Jewish society where pigs are made illegal, teenagers start drinking pigs blood to get high.  The blood breaks down into psychedelic-deliriaent drugs in the gut, and when they inhale each other’s farts they have out of body experiences. Shooting Fall 2015. We need actors, performance artists, visual artists, sound artists, filmmakers, & lots of production people. You, basically. Send an introduction, resume, & portfolio (if you got one) to [email protected]. – Luke Jumes

So You Want To Be A DJ?

MMMMAVEN PROJECT (mmmmaven.com) is one school in Cambridge you might not have heard of yet. Cofounded by TOGETHER FESTIVAL alums David Day and Alex Maniatis, MMMMAVEN has been churning out House-Ready DJs at a steady clip, with focus on industry-standard gear and software. By end of semester, students have uploaded tracks and will debut live at MIDDLESEX LOUNGE. The program attracts oversea students and offers a great jump-start for anyone who is having that dream. You know the one. Lights in your eyes, vinyl under your fingertips, music pulsing and the waves of love just keep rollin’ in from that raging sea of grooves. – James Moore


Buckle up little babies, because Art Blast is rebooting online to make Boston art more visible and accessible to one and all. We’re talking about a clickable calendar of art events and ongoing exhibits, a directory of local spaces (including hours, directions and links), and even a section of local opportunities for artists/curators/writers/whatever. So keep your browser tuned into www.BOSTONHASSLE.com/ART for your perpetual guide to the schools, museums, galleries and spaces keeping Boston art on its toes all year round. Wanna help keep our coverage current? Let us know about your events/projects/zines at [email protected]– CEEK

LIVING AFTER MIDNIGHT 2015 – Distant Castle Family Compilation

Worcester: Paris of the 80’s, birthplace of the smiley face, oral contraceptives, H. Jon Benjamin, and DISTANT CASTLE, a 1910 Victorian nestled aside a hill of an ungodly grade, collectively owned and operated since 2006, and host to innumerable shows & soirees. January 1st-ish will see the second annual compilationing of bands and projects flourishing in the Furthest of Fortifications. Scope previously unreleased tracks from SECRET LOVER, THE TERRIBLES, KISS CONCERT, and EATEN, as well as chart toppers from OJ, STYK, SET, DOT GOV, GRANNY FROST & more. There’s even an extensive bird report. Download or preorder the cassette at DistantCastle.bandcamp.com – Anthony Richards

Bring Your BRAIN to Harvard––Boston Hassle Meetings Are MOVING!

After a long tenure at the biggest white house in JP, BRAIN Arts Organization (née BOSTON HASSLE) is moving its weekly meetings to Harvard Square! Starting on Monday, January 5 BRAIN will be meeting at the DEMOCRACY CENTER (45 Mt. Auburn St.) at 7:30PM. If you never figured out how to ford the river Oregon Trail-style or are looking for a new hobby for the New Year, now’s the perfect time to join us! Want to help produce the Compass, write about underground music and film, showcase your art, or espouse your particular brand of DIY on our hot new website? Come on down! Newbies should arrive at 7PM so we can pick each other’s BRAINs and get you oriented before the regulars show up. – Harrison Bralower

Spooky Town Tapes Increases Their OUTput

Spooky Town is a swell, swelling bubble of strange, peppy pop porridge hovering above our northwesterly neighbor Brattleboro, VT. It’s hot and it’s cool. It’s been hangin up there for 5 years now, drippin just enough freaky sound on us New Englanders to keep us satisfied. But according to the contents (and mere existence) of their brand new E-newsletter, The Spooky Town Tribune, they got more to pour on us than ever before. Yes! Scope their new dot com and releases of Brattleboro’s beloved unsettling soft rockus Tall Boys (co-release with Gnar Tapes) and Grape Room (comforting wails built by Great Valley). I’ve come to learn that each turn they’re churnin is worth gettin servien, or at least observin. SPOOKYTOWNTAPES.COM – Sam Potrykus

THANK YOU to the following individuals for inspiring the creation and/or continuation of Boston Compass over the past 5 years:

Brandon Plumert, Greta Merrick, Lindsay Clark, Greg Moon, Brian S. Ellis, Shane Don, Kate Lee, Adam Foam, B. Law, Morgan Shaker, Casey Rocheteau, Shane Myrbeck, Emily Shisko, Jon Deuce, The Cups, Joe Deignan, Abigail, Fern, RED,  Lenny Symczak, Greg Sun, Michael Collins, Edgar Evan Foudray, Shai, Jimmy Hugs, David Villanueva, Mark Johnson, Frank Hurricane, Conrad, Santiago Cardenas, Pancho The Kid, Ian Kovac, Wes Kaplan, Greg Tellier, Jesus Vio, Shawnie Brando, Mr. Dickens, Jonah Furman, Kofi Thomas, Papa Hagan, Nini, Jasmine Taibi, Briana Cervantes, Bev, Nick Rasputin, Mona Maruyama, and Fee Kürten. Shout out to Gobby, Kal Marx, Chris Cross, Kung Fu Charlie, our neighbors over the years, Aight Steve, and anyone who has ever worked for City Feed, Boomerangs or SOP. See you all around, no doubt.

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