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Boston cultural denizen, MONA MARUYAMA could be defined in so many ways…artist, photographer, illustrator, musician, graphic designer, badass…but who wants to be defined by titles? Besides, she’s got some selfies to help with that. This lady plays by her own rules and that’s just how we like it here at the Hassle.

Her work as a show photographer and flyer artist help to visually define the Boston music scene and document part of what’s happening right now. These two tasks she regularly takes on are so vital, and yet possibly underappreciated as art forms. As a photographer, she consistently captures the raw energy from the band/crowd/space, all within a single photo. While an exceptional eye for composition and perspective aren’t hurting her, it’s her experience as a musician that’s got her so in tune with where to shoot and when.


At the same time, her flyers help to get that crowd to go to that space and listen to that band and create all that energy that needs capturing. Mind melt. Making a good flyer is more than meets the eye.  This is communicating a lot of information in a clear and attractive way so that it stands out on a wall of a hundred other flyers trying to do exactly the same thing, while depicting the spirit of the event itself. Tuff stuff. Unless you’ve got an arsenal of artistic skills to help.



It’s Mona’s fearless pursuit of different endeavors that may be the secret to the sauce here. Dare we say, by constantly challenging herself and trying various mediums, she gets better? That sounds about right, and there’s no end in sight as she continues to explore her own boundaries (or lack thereof). To think of all that’s to come from this freshly minted 21 year-old San Diegan living in Jamaica Plain. Lucky us that she’s here now.

If you’re reading this and thinking, well shit.  I could take sick pics at shows too…I could make cool flyers. Then reach out and touch somebody at and get your work published in our newspaper or on our website.

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