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Nestled within the rustic brick walls of Lowell’s Mill No. 5, JP transplant Amelia Tucker is breathing new life into the recently renovated space with her monthly marketplace “A Little Bazaar.” After the success of her inaugural event “Totally Bazaar” this past December, Amelia launched into programming a monthly market bringing together a plethora of artisans and crafters under a rotating theme. Saturday March 1 marked the third installment with over 50 independent vendors showcasing books, comics, zines, art prints, and artisanal paper goods united under the banner of “Pulp & Press.”
The night capped off with an after party and a Midnight Market as Lowell’s Howl Magazine celebrated their second birthday and print launch with live music and food and live painting by Markus Sebastiano!


A Little Bazaar is a production company that proudly presents fresh, engaging, and unique marketplace events on every first Saturday at Mill No. 5 in Lowell, MA. The name came to me when I named the first event Totally Bazaar. “A Little Bazaar presents: Totally Bazaar!” It cracked me up, and it stuck.

On October 20th, Vinyl Destination held an open house. My Husband and I had just recently relocated to Lowell from Jamaica Plain, and were ecstatic to hear that a record store was slated to open directly across the street from our new apartment. I had heard rumblings about “this amazing new place”, Mill No. 5, but didn’t fully comprehend the awesomeness that was being constructed just a stone’s throw from my front door. So, I walked across Jackson St, climbed the spiral staircase to the fourth floor, and dropped my jaw. I was dumbstruck. An old mill building was being turned into an old-timey main street! I was greeted with music from the record store and a small crowd of smiling faces. It seemed everyone else was as happy as I was to be there. I met Dave Perry of Vinyl Destination as well as Constantine Valhouli, of Mill No. 5. Lucky me, I got a tour! As we walked around the Mill I asked Constantine if he’d be interested in hosting a Holiday market at the Mill. Without hesitation he said yes. I believe my response was an eloquent, “No shit?!” The next week I met with Constantine as well as Jim Lichoulas and Sarah Hand. I was completely unprepared for the enthusiasm and support with which they met me. Our first event, Totally Bazaar, was held on December 7th. I booked about 50 vendors and a DJ (Dan Adam)- but the folks at Mill No. 5 encouraged bigger ideas- an After Party and Midnight Market! Shokazoba, Beware the Dangers of a Ghost Scorpion and Spirit Kid came and brought down the house! Totally Bazaar was a total success and we all wanted more! Thus A Little Bazaar began planning marketplace events to take place every first Saturday at Mill No. 5.


I’m an artist myself, and have tons of fun participating in markets like Mass Market and the Portland Picnic. When we moved to Lowell it became immediately apparent that this place was perfect for such events. Lowell is rich with makers, and maker appreciators- and only a 30-45 minute drive from Boston.

After Totally Bazaar I met with the Mill 5 crew to discuss future plans. I knew that if I wanted Lowellians to keep coming back every first Saturday that I’d have to keep it fresh. We decided that themes would ensure that we brought in new vendors and also challenged me to be creative. I love the process of choosing a theme and name, finding vendors, making our promotion materials, and telling the world about talented artists, crafters and makers of all kinds. It’s very fun and very rewarding!


I’m not sure how Pulp & Press came to me, perhaps because I work in paper myself, but it was a happy coincidence that I began planning the event for March 1st. It turns out that Rita Savard of Howl Magazine had been planning to expand Howl from it’s online arts and entertainment format to print- and she was planning for a March 1st release! Rita agreed to host the Pulp & Press after party as a 2 year anniversary party and release of the Premiere Edition of the magazine.


I graduated from Massart in 2007 with a BFA in Community Art Education. I worked as an assistant teacher at a Montessori preschool for five years. Although I absolutely loved working with the children, I was just not satisfied. I had no creative energy at the end of the day- I had to make a change. My husband, Mike Tucker, and I are both dedicated to living creative lives together. We LOVED living in JP, but moving to Lowell has allowed us both to focus more on our creative careers. It’s pretty great!

Past events:
Totally Bazaar at Mill No. 5 – December 7th
Love Buzz at Mill No. 5 – February 1st
Pulp & Press at Mill No. 5 – March 1st

Upcoming events:
Digs at Mill No. 5- April 5th
Thread & Groove at Mill No. 5 – April 19th (Special Record Store Day event!)

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