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SIX ORGANS OF ADMITTANCE is back at it. Ben Chasny has brought the rock with him this time around, moving from the folk laced mellow (but engaging) sounds of last year’s ASLEEP ON THE FLOODPLAIN (both that record and this latest, ASCENT, out on DRAG CITY) to a mostly blazing psychedelic rock affair. To do this he hooked up with his (perhaps) former band mates in COMETS ON FIRE to rip through a bunch of new tunes, and some reworked numbers from his past. So this as close as your going to get to a new COMETS ON FIRE record, at least for now, for those of you that are looking. For fans of Chasny’s other currently ripping project, RANGDA, there are a couple Eastern melodies in this mix for you too. Loving the extended psychedelic guitar solos that rip through the flesh of Chasney’s wonderful songs. “Close To The Sky” is the most wonderful of these as far my tastes go. Plodding bass, a beautiful vocal melody (that only appears early in the song and then vanishes), and then just an explosion of psychedelic guitar for several minutes, a pretty guitar lead arriving near the end of its 7 minutes to take us into the Eastern melodies and fuzz of the next track “They Called You Near”, the second half of which nods to the likes of BLACK SUN ENSEMBLE. “Visions (From Lo)” closes this thing out, and it could not be more of a very late night, really, end of a very long day chill-anthem. An easy vocal melody moves effortlessly atop a simple rhythm and chiming chord progression until the guitar takes over and takes us out riding the wind as the backup vocals coo. This, and other moments on the record are truly in the NY & CRAZY HORSE zone. “It’s the dream that keep me breathing,” Chasny sings here. And what is that dream? For him, you’d think it’s to continue writing his idiosyncratic tunes, and wailing on guitar, without compromise. And if so, the dream is alive. SIX ORGANS OF ADMITTANCE plays @ Brighton Music Hall(that Clear Channel venue) on friday the 30th.

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