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A hardcore band who has been operating in a heady fashion out in southern California for sometime, Santa Ana’s NASA SPACE UNIVERSE has a screwed up name, a screwed up sound, and by all accounts a screwed up live show(reading that they made it to the East Coast earlier this year, but I’m not sure they actually made it to Boston and if so I am very sad I missed it). From what I’ve read these guys actually bring a bit of performance art to the punks, and just for that they should warrant your interest. But in case you, like me, are not in proximity enough to catch a glimpse of these bad hardcore dudes live, there are also audio recordings. Last year NSU put out a complete winner of an LP called ACROSS THE WOUNDED GALAXIES(listen below). Ferocious unhinged, not afraid to experiment noise stained hardcore. Earlier this year they put out a new recording called the BEYOND ICE EP(also listen below). Continuing where the LP left off this is a slice of maniacal, out of control hardcore thunder. The anguished vocals of Kevin Rhea belching and blech-ing atop hardcore blasts that take left turns into noise rock and sludge punk(on opener “db”) territory. Much of the 6 song EP actually forgoes vocals, leaving us to take in a guitar/bass/drums concoction going full throttle, and continuously veering into unexpected territory either in song structure or sound aesthetic. “E.G.M.” is a noisy mid-tempo groove that gives way to ear piercing guitar squeals on occasion before the whole thing spirals out of control and the guitar goes off at times so deep in the mix you can’t keep track of it. Nasty, bile spew from one of the most exciting bands anywhere that I’ve heard attempting new levels of punk alchemy in the awful 10s. You need this in your life. Really.

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