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CHECK IT: Monsieur Mo Rio


How fucking annoying is it that like every French dude of all time will always forever no matter what be compared to Serge Gainsbourg? Love him, but still…come on. Monsieur Mo Rio is some guy from Germany playing weirdo lo-fi poppy songs about showers and also a girl named Julie. His most recent record from a couple years back is called THE SUN EXPRESS. He sometimes has a stubbornly clear whisper, sometimes, and sometimes he sighs loudly. Mostly, he has a lisp and is hot in the way that Ryan Phillippe was in Cruel Intentions, except also like Klaus Kinski in Aguirre, but more like that guy who lives upstairs from you and asks you to come over and then he has one of those buttons that turn on mood lighting, “Soothe Me” by Spectrum and offers you some wine and a joint (I know, FINALLY a girl writer on BH). Anyways, I asked this French girl I know to translate a song for me, and she said it had to do with him dancing with a cat that died. The music’s good, though, and you can’t even understand it so it doesn’t matter what he says. Overall, good use of organ, really thick and siren-like. I’m also into the really natural, unobtrusive samples throughout the album because it makes the whole listening experience really casual. Free downloads on his website (listen to “Tes Douche Douze” off the album CLICK ET CRAQUE).


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