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Fresh Stream-Bloodkrow Butcher



A ripper, this. Youthful Bostonian bloodhounds, Bloodkrow Butcher released this slab earlier in the fall, and man it hits the blood- boiling- pleasure-center in the most righteous way. Most definitely more hi-fi than their demo- At 1:41, “Anti-War” goes for the full gutteral bulldoze and puts everything in the red. Ne’er a pause or a melody in sight, these boys bring the bludgeon with just enough abandon that it sounds as if it’s about to careen off the rails (not as gloriously fucked as Jerry’s Kids, but in the same wheelhouse), but have done enough homework to relay the chops topside. Happy to see Boston keeps one hand on the reigns as far as punk/HC is concerned, and VERY happy to see that it isn’t some robot hockey-jock-macho secret stockbroker shit, but shambolic, pissed off, and saying a little bit of something.

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