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It might get lonely on the Astral Plane. You could find yourself stumbling in the prismatic sheen of infinity without a guide, your soul barbituated by silent pandemonium without end. Fret not, for it may come to pass that a Guardian Alien should visit you in your dilated time of psychic need: not a being with one body and many faces like Ezekiel’s visitors but a patchwork of bodies bearing one common soul. The music seems to emanate from this particular (Brooklyn-based) Alien in a way that mirrors a collective inner storm. Pleasant rain-splatters of percussion land gently on the surging harmonious drone-scape provided by the Japan Banjo, synths, voices, and whatever other instruments or being-fragments have been drawn into the nebulous grasp of the Guardian. This wild group becomes animated with a hallucinogenic abandon reminiscent of the holy Amon Duul II or the super ones: The Boredoms. Returning safely to the now&here, you might distrust such shared visionary experience as false, hypnagogic blog-prophecy. You need only call upon the 12″ vinyl disk that acts as a talismanic connection to Guardian Alien’s no-place in the everywhere-void to understand: that was really un-real.
– WM
Find your reality-exit-point’s temporal/spatial coordinates HERE.

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