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Ed Schrader’s Music Beat is an explosive weirdo rock duo who you should absolutely be keeping an eye on. These Baltimore freaks are no strangers to Boston, they were actually just in town with Future Islands and SKIMASK over at the Paradise and have destroyed at O’Brien’s as well. Trust us, if you’ve missed out on their heady rock sermon even once then you have missed a much needed wake up call. Ed’s Music Beat delivers a shocking concoction of stupid simple grooves, fat ass tones, and wise cracked preaching from a pretty nasty pair. These two definitely embody the kind of balls we’ve come to expect from Baltimore’s plentiful pool of cutting edge sound artists but they take it in their own direction. Ed and Dev have been spitting out tasty bits for years now and touring relentlessly but their new LP Jazz Mind is a vinyl testament to how important this outsider rock and roll powerhouse is and why you should really listen up. Ed Schrader is at the helm with a lot on his mind and a floor tom to grind. He’s got a scary knack for tapping into your deepest thoughts and manifesting them into manic two minute punk songs. The other half of the Music Beat is Devlin Rice, filling your emptiness with a full frontal fuzz bass outbursts. In addition to exposing himself (and his bass capabilities) Rice balances Schrader’s key shrieks and generally gets the crowd all riled up, with ease. Whether you’re a long time fan or a new toker of Schrader’s brand of jazz cigarettes, this record will set you straight. JAZZ MIND is the quintessential dose of what these two have to offer you. And for those of us who already knew it’s long overdue and too good to be true. Out now on LOAD Records! BUY IT HERE

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