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CHECK IT: Compound 440r Local Collections 2012


COMPOUND 440R is a music collective based out of Somerville. They have been at it for quite a number of years, fostering community and providing a home for great local bands such as UV Protection, Magic People, Big Digits, Squids, Gondoliers, Crystal Understanding, Shepherdess, Plunge Into Death, Shitaly, Death Shepherd and many more. Each year for the last I can’t remember how long they have put out a compilation of local music in conjunction with the Independent Film Festival of Boston. This year was no different and with that event having just come and gone we now have a new compilation to feast upon. The comp leans a bit toward the electronic side of things: Andre Obin’s wall of synth bliss “Lemondrop”, DJ Die Young’s percolating minimal dance track “Analog For Now”, Hassle favs Death Shepherd doing their own minimal take on dance music(one dolloped with noise) with “Herman Cain’s Electrified Alien Repelling Fence”, and Big Digits’ “Longwave” bringing an electro spark to the proceedings, and there’s more beyond those! There are also more rock sounds represented on the comp: Shepherdess’ snotty rocker “Creem”, Needy Visions’ lofi synth blast “WAFT”, and Gondoliers’ creeping avant rocker “Word of God”. Through and through this really is a great sampling of some of the best of Boston’s underground rock community as filtered through the prism of some of those who really know, Compound 440R. Download the whole thing for FREE below! And get out there and support these bands.


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