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There comes a time in every person’s life when they enter a freak folk stage, let’s say around 7th-9th grade. Then there comes a time in every person’s life when they put that on the back burner because it’s kind of dumb and annoying and devandra banhart (sic? i dont give a fuck) is like so fucking stupid and a douchebag. But then there’s like that day that you realize it’s not so bad, and like, yeah, the idea of it seems kinda dumb and annoying still but it’s both a predecessor and extension of krautrock and pj harvey and “planet caravan”. Enter Portland, Maine’s Big Blood. The child of Cerberus Shoal, Big Blood simmers through the cracks of the scorched pavement. First off, there’s some major riffs happening. We’re talking Neil Young.. both the desolate summer sway of the Dead Man soundtrack AND spooky Harvest gold. Then there’s screechy vocals and scary production. The important part about Big Blood is that they realize their surroundings. They know what it means to not be in control. Their songs reflect an ideal that most musicians dealing with lo-fi run into. Big Blood isn’t afraid to lose control and let the elements of the sound take over. They have a hold on most of their sound, but the rest is what makes them unique. They want the spontaneity, the greasy, fuzzy shit that masks the whole environment with smog. They trust more than most musicians doing what they do, and the result holds the spirit of greats like Royal Trux — groups that don’t give in to perfection, and come out with a larger sense of personality, physical being and sound. Check out their new album OLD TIME PRIMITIVES for sale on their etsy page, and you can stream it and many other albums HERE

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