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ALKIBAR GIGNOR is an amazing garage rock band from Mali, Africa. LA PAIX is their most recent album and should probably be the first thing you put on in the morning if you are looking to start off on the right foot. It’s combination of smooth, uplifting beats and head bopping tunes guarantees a great day. Effortlessly sweet guitar playing and super chill vocals are the combo here. The whole album contains upbeat and funky songs that are both plenty catchy and throughly groovy, your hips won’t be able to control themselves. La Paix took two years to record and was eventually co-released by Mississippi/Change and Sahelsounds. This might be a new kind of jam for you but we’re pretty sure anyone with a pulse will be down. Amuse your pleasure center, check out ALKIBAR GIGNOR. Available at our awesome music epicenter WEIRDO RECORDS. Here’s what they have to say about it:
“Dirty Malian electric guitar, by one of the local sensations in Timbuktu, previously found on Chris Kirkley’s compilation ‘Ishilan N Tenere’. 4 separate vocalists, 2 drummers, a one-string fiddle & electric guitar & bass. Guitarist looks to be the son of Ali Farka Toure backup band member Afel Bocoum, as the band gets it’s name from a Bocoum side project. They’re a level or two grittier, but still strike an interesting balance between picked lines that would traditionally be acoustic & electric solos with lots of fireworks. Tracklisting: Adounia, Djougai Nangho, Adibara, Aniya, Lahidou, Souka Selenam, Dakou, Gotofou, Zeinabou, Tamala”.

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