BOSTON HASSLE: a Boston underground music compilation(on a wearable button music playing format!?)



In conjunction with our new website here we are releasing a Boston underground music compilation also called BOSTON HASSLE. This compilation is the physical embodiment of the various underground music scenes that B.O.W. Shows & the Boston Compass attempt to foster week to week, year after year. BOSTON HASSLE is a snapshot of an amazing music scene and community in 2011, and quite literally(thanks to the format) a badge for the listener to wear to show that they are down with the Boston underground sound. BOSTON HASSLE will be released exclusively on a 3″ wearable button music playing format called Playbutton. Wearers of the button simply need to plug in their headphones and press play. Yes, it is a new format, and hell yes we love records as much as(if not more) than most people, but we think this format actually seems viable, so we thought we’d give it a try. Go to the company’s website for more information on the buttons: http://www.playbutton.co/







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