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Boston Compass News and Nods #61: Winter Farmers Market, Western Mass, and More!


These articles were originally published in the February 2015 Boston Compass (#61).

Somerville Winter Farmers Market, Every Sat. til March

You lucky Somervillians have local produce on lockdown every Saturday from now through March over at the Center for the Arts @ The Armory, 9:30–2:00. They’ve got an epic list of vendors including farms, bakeries, wineries, cheese companies, and a rotating cast of characters selling specialty items and services. Make sure to grab a Life Force Juice while you’re there and remind your body what it really craves. Curious about the market? Peruse and explore their interactive map to find out who’s there and when. Buy food from the people who helped grow it, for your sake and our planet’s. —CEEK

Digital Prisoners of War Unveil New EP

Boston OG Supriya Gunda has been ripping it up on stage with Hats & Glasses, Thousands, Bent Shapes, and Lost Twin for years, but Casually Defying Physics, recorded by Justin Pizzoferrato (Thurston Moore, Speedy Ortiz, Krill) represents a landmark of sorts. Her first official solo release under the DigiPOW moniker, it’s a perfect introduction to her songcraft, with titles like “béla bar talk” and “kill whitey,” as well as excellent drumming by both Emmett Jefferson “Murph” Murphy III of Dino Jr. and Cynthia Koch of Lost Twin/Sweet John Bloom. Read a full review and have a listen on the Hassle site! —Ben Potrykus

If you look at the end of our show listings, you will find the show submission deadline for next month’s issue. It’s there for you, the show-throwers and goers. It’s the Compass’s north star, guiding you with its naturally occurring brilliance toward ultimate exposure to the freak-base your event is designed to stimulate. Don’t take your eyes off it. Let it remind you to solidify that date, book that last band, finalize that venue, have a poster made by that artist friend of yours, and submit your show all in time to get it printed (and possibly blurbed) in your city’s show paper.   —Sam Potrykus

Filmmaker Makes fART

A screenplay I’ve developed is moving toward production. It’s about a Northeast US community created by a Jewish messiah. Pork becomes unregulated food and a black market springs up. Some teenagers discover they get high by drinking pigs’ blood and inhaling each other’s farts to have out-of-body experiences. They discover pictures of people “huffing” simultaneously, their feet coming together in a swastika. Have they uncovered celestial illumination or are they in a losing battle with God? We need actors, crew, and lots of production people. Anyone can apply. Send an introduction, portfolio (as needed), and resume to [email protected]. —Luke Jumes


Use Your BRAIN: Loveable Newspaper Seeks Loveable Support Coordinator

Look at the shows page. Now back to me. Now back to the show page. Did you notice all those kind and wonderful supporters of the Compass on the sidebars? Our volunteer-run, non-profit rag runs EXCLUSIVELY on those support spots and we need your help feeding the beast! You find local businesses and events that want to promote themselves, we put these pages in your hands monthly. If you’re studying advertising or marketing we can offer internship credit (plus real-world experience and good times). Interested? Open up your Googlewebs and write us at [email protected]. —Harrison Bralower

Prefab Messiahs Back with New Record after 30 Boggling Years!

This March 10, Burger Records/KLYAM will be putting out the long-awaited new release (10”/cassette/CD) from Worcester neo-psych kids the Prefab Messiahs. Not so much “kids” anymore—but still ever-youthful as evidenced by the ageless Kris “Trip” Thompson (he of 1,000 Boston shows)—the Messiahs recorded this new joint with fierce fans/friends Doug Tuttle and Jesse Gallagher on the top floor of the Lilypad building before mixing it at singer Xerox’s homestead in rural New York. A lot of love and years in here. Don’t miss them 3/19 at the Middle East (upstairs). —Jonathan Donaldson

2/8 SOUPER BOWL 7 @ Haley House Bakery Café (Roxbury)

Holy helpers HALEY HOUSE ask us to grab a bowl at their annual fundraiser for their South End Soup Kitchen that has been handing out home-cooked food to those in need since 1966. For $35, you select your own handmade ceramic bowl to keep (via MassArt’s Clay for Change program), then use it to sample soups from 12 top local chefs. More than a dozen bus lines go directly to Dudley Square (including the 1, 10, 42, and 66), so take one of ‘em on Sunday 2/8, 2–6 PM to get fed and support the cause. Read more about MassArt’s Clay for Change program on Page 2. —CEEK

Local Experimental Group Deleuzer Very Active, Rad

How about a head trip? Boston has a world-class experimental jazz community, and you shouldn’t miss a chance to see one of its best ensembles. Deleuzer wraps up a residency with a show Feb. 1 at the Washington Street Arts Center (321 Washington St. near Union Square in Somerville). Abstract strings, horns, and electronics all improvising together, showing off extended performance techniques and playing pieces written especially for them by local composers. Then on Feb. 25 the band heads out on tour to Hadley, MA; Philadelphia; Baltimore; Washington, DC; and Providence, RI. Don’t miss ‘em! —Angela Sawyer

Western Mass Report

Franklin County, MA, neighbor to Northampton and Brattleboro, VT, has been undergoing some exciting changes. At the nexus of Turners Falls and Greenfield, the zone has been hosting more quality independent arts events than ever. At the TF Brick House Community Center, Mike Jackson and the board have been setting up shows for Palberta, Cloud Becomes Your Hand, Chris Weisman, Bromp Treb and loads of others. Across the river in Greenfield, Scott Seward (John Doe, Jr. Records) and I are running a series called JDJR that will soon see Caethua, Taboo, Father Murphy, Killer Bob, Frank Hurricane, and Little Howlin’ Wolf, just to name a few. Franklin County also excels in other areas: nature, food, drink, shops, and affordability, so please visit! —Matt Robidoux, Dept. of Tourism

FUNKE AT FORTY: Fashion Drenched in Funk

A wiser man than myself once said, “Fashion is fabric’s lovesong.” Soon after, he was fired from his job at Banana Republic. Come Feb. 13, the good people at 40 South St. (JP’s premier vintage boutique) are aimin’ to prove that poor man right. From 3:30 to 8:00 you can stop by and squeeeeeze into this hot spot for smooth tunes jockeyed by local great John Funke, sexy drinks, and sailin’ sales. Last-minute shoppers/boozers/movers/shakers can stop in for Valentine’s Day Eve bargains. What better gift for a lover than a maroon corduroy smock or a pair of decommissioned bowling loafers? Be there, baby. —Wheat Pullman


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