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Boston Compass #114: Notes From The Crew


Two fish are swimming in the ocean; the first turns to his friend and asks, “How’s the water?” The friend responds with a perplexed look and says, “What the hell is water?” I didn’t write that joke, but I like what it’s getting at. The things we’re surrounded by can sometimes be the least visible.

As of today, seven giant media conglomerates own over half of all remaining newspapers in the country. Three corporations are responsible for 90% of the chicken we eat. Corporate consolidation of resources governs—to our detriment—nearly every aspect of our American lives. Yet like the poor fish who knows not what buoys him, it is difficult for many Americans to identify and call it out.

If you’re reading this newspaper, it likely means you’re one of the few fish that not only knows what water is, but has caught on to the fact it’s polluted as shit because oh yeah, 10 pharmaceutical companies dominating the industry leaked Viagra into the water and now all the fish have boners.

In other words, you want more than what giant, faceless industry can provide, i.e. a society geared around diversity and local ownership. Reclaiming our institutions starts with newspapers like these. That’s why I joined the team. I’m Kari, a new Compass volunteer, making sure articles get written and deadlines get met. So write to us, write for us, write with us—you can reach me at [email protected] Together we can expose the volatile waters we’ve all been swimming in for far too long!

—Kari Vann


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