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APRIL (4/2) Black Market Vendors: Meet the BFFs behind “Life Wife”

Q&A with Annie & Vickie of Life Wife


The Life Wives

The Life Wives

What is a “life wife”?
Life wife is a term Vicky and I came up with to describe our friendship. It’s like a work wife you’d wanna hang out with outside of work, or your ride-or-die, or just someone you feel hilariously close to. We’d do almost anything for each other and are committed to spending our lives together in like the most platonic way possible. 

What are you bringing to Black Market?

Annie will be representing the brand with a range of apparel and accessories (Vicky lives in Brooklyn at the moment). Our spread includes t-shirts and sweatshirts, pins, hats, tote bags, bandanas/wall hangings, and more! A good chunk of what we’re bringing is brand new and won’t be listed in our online shop until after the event.


Flora Hat

Flora Hat

Might Bag & Bandana

Mighty Bag & Bandana

Tell us about your favorite piece.

We love our “Don’t Tell Me to Chill” enamel pin. It was part of the second run of pins we did, and ultimately kind of speaks for itself. It’s also an important message — chill is a garbage social construct, and nobody should tell you what to do (especially that one dude vaping outside the bodega)!
If you could describe your pieces with a song, what would it be?
“Bad Girls” by M.I.A. is a serious banger and pretty much our anthem and inspiration for everything ever. When I hear it I can’t help but think of our friends, because every time it plays somewhere we go nuts.

What are some artists or makers that inspire you?

We’re inspired by a lot of different things – -ancient Greek sculpture, painters and sculptors like David Hockney and Anna Valdez, tattoo artists, 1950s interior design, Memphis style design, plants, our favorite bands from high school, weird scary YouTube videos, and definitely our friends. 

Why do you encourage people to shop local?

There is so much creative and artistic talent in Boston! I think shopping within your neighborhood scene is the only way to find cute and unique things to fill your life with. Some of the best gifts we’ve given each other have come from local shops and makers.

Where can people learn more about your work?

We try to keep people updated via Instagram — sharing things like upcoming events, works in progress, even a few embarrassing selfies here and there. So definitely follow @lifewifepress to stay up to date on what we’re doing. We also have our website (! 

Life Wife Illustrated

Life Wife Illustrated

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