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BIG 3 MUSIC: Weeklys


I thought it prudent to give some love to the MONTHLYS and gosh darnit, the WEEKLYS that are on offer on the regs around here. No I don’t mean rags like this here paper you’re reading, I mean recurring events that provide a guaranteed good time.

Do you long for sleepy afternoons down by the river and classic, Americana-infused country tunes (before all the Miller Lite and short shorts ruined the genre)? Well hazy, sun-lit houses of internal worship and glorious musical praise abound every month for Jesus Drinks Free at the Jeanie Johnston in JP. Gospel, soul, classic countryall on tap and spun by a couple atheists. Pour one out for whatever deity can’t partake on the first Thursday of EVERY MONTH.

If you’re looking for something a little harsher, with some live tunes to go with the ample amounts of wax, check out FEED THE PUNKS (fka Shea’s Lounge) (also @ Jeanie Johnston). Street punk, hardcore, proto-punk, thrash, English punk…you get the idea. Classic and contemporary tunes make up a different black leather clad, studded theme on the third Thursday of EVERY MONTH. The March theme is Post-punk, with a special guest live band Gizzards!!

Or if you’re in the mood for a laugh and feel like lettin’ loose yourself, head to the Midway Cafe EVERY SUNDAY and join local legend Angela Sawyer for Midway or the Highway: Open Mic Night in JP. Music, comedy, stories, noises, you name itjust bring your participation shoes.

Finally, for those who wanna get lost in the moment and join with some like minded jam lovers, Deep Thoughts JP has just announced their Grateful Dead Family Night, a new weekly series featuring live musicians playing all your favorite Dead tunes. And maybe contemporary, like minded musicians playing some originalswho knows?! No cut is too deep, no solo too long. Join hands with your fellow family members and experience the love for yourself EVERY FRIDAY at Deep Thoughts. Take comfort in the fact that you literally can’t miss these events, because the next is just around the corner.



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