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BIG 3 MUSIC: Boston Fuzztival (8/19 & 8/20 @ the Middle East)


Boston Fuzzstival Day 1 and 2 @Mid East Down 18+ $15-30

How the fuck am I supposed to talk about the musical kaleidoscope that is Boston Fuzzstival in less that 200 words?! A Jackson Pollock-esque splattering of the best garage-punk, fuzz-pop, freak-psych, weirdo-fi, all around coma inducing ROCK music that the hub has to offer. Barely contained on TWO stages set up in the cavernous downstairs of the Middle East between August 19th and 20th, this years (the festivals 4th) lineup is so far off the charts that NASA recently reported having trouble seeing it through their most powerful telescopes. Nice Guys, CreaturoS, DENT, (New England) Patriots, Birthing Hips, The Monsieurs, Quilt, Mini Dresses, Doug Tuttle, Major Stars, Black Beach, BOYTOY, Ravi Shavi, Jaw Gems, Milk, Beach Toys, and MORE – like really?! That wasn’t enough? Apparently not cause that’s only HALF of what’s on offer thanks to Jason Trefts and the immortal Illegally Blind. If you’re looking for an intro to the Boston music scene: If you’re a veteran….happy holidays! Don’t you wish it came more than once a year?! If only that were possible. It takes an insane, nay inhuman amount of effort to book something like this so come on out, pack ‘em in, and let’s get sweaty.

-Mike Achille

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