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BIG 3 FILM: 70mm and Widescreen Festival @ the Somerville Theater


70mm and Widescreen Festival 2017
Wed 9/20 – Sun 10/1 @ Somerville Theatre

Before the Somerville Theatre’s upcoming 70MM & Widescreen Festival, it’s time for a refresher on the format.

I definitely need one every so often.

A 70MM print of film is twice the size of the standard 35MM and is higher resolution. 70MM itself is actually 65MM wide, with 5MM worth of perforated edges for sound. Due to its size, it stretches the size of the aspect ratio to something much wider.

In plain English: 70MM provides for a larger, better-quality image with sharper detail and greater sound.

Somerville Theatre is one of the few national theatres with somewhat regular 70MM showings outside of an auteur’s latest prestige release. During Somerville Theatre’s 70MM and Widescreen Festival, they’ll screen a variety of modern films—Wonder Woman, Top Gun, and The Dark Crystal—as well as 70MM classics—Lawrence of Arabia and 2001: A Space Odyssey.

In a time when we can watch movies at any moment on the tiniest of screens, there is something so special about Somerville Theatre. It harkens back to a time when movie going and movie watching were grand, remarkable experiences. Whether you’re a movie nerd or a casual watcher, you’ll find it breathtaking to sit in the main theatre, in front of this immense screen, and lose yourself in shadow, light, and sound.

I cannot recommend the experience enough.

—Nick Perry


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