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BHF Vendor Spotlight: Pied Raven Games

Next Boston Hassle Flea: 2/22/20 @ 55 Bishop Allen Dr in Central Sq, 12-6pm!


The first Boston Hassle Flea of 2020 is coming up on Feb 22! Card game designers Pied Raven Games will be showing their bear-based card game Hibernation and selling other comics and vintage games.

I would love to be a bear; can you tell me more about Hibernation and how it’s played?

Hibernation is a fun, fast paced and easy to learn deck building card game. Players take on the role of a bear waking from hibernation, slim and hungry, and must prepare for the next year’s big sleep. Alas, other bears in the ecosystem have become extremely competitive. Players must race to gather food while fending off foes along the way, and their deck of cards contains these means of finding food. It starts out forlorn and bare, but players strive to make it a perfect library of food collecting assets. To do this they must forage, frenzy, and even steal to stockpile their hoard. Then, eat their food in proper portions to gain layers of fat. The first one to achieve the 5 required layers of fat via Hibernation tokens can rest easy – victorious!

What inspired you to make a card game about being a bear?

It’s essentially inspired by my youth in the rural town of Washington, MA. We were always surrounded by wildlife, and bears were no exception. One even found its way into our house one time. I liked the idea of imagining myself trying to be a bear, what’s it like? Mostly, it’s about eating and preparing for hibernation. So, I used the format of deck building to create this experience and a fun game.

Are you involved in the local board game design scene at all?

I strive to promote Pied Raven Games’ local indie flavor. We’ve had Hibernation sold at many stores throughout Massachusetts and have been involved in many events promoting the product. Hibernation even won Best Family Tabletop Game at in the Boston Festival of Indie Games in 2018. As far as design is concerned, I am currently working with a publisher and writing a book about tabletop game design that is meant to guide the young aspiring designer, as well as an excellent reference for the experienced designer, and possibly offer a sort of lesson plan for teachers that may want to utilize gaming’s educational factors. Once it’s released, within the next 24 months, I will be traveling to local venues promoting the book and providing workshops for those that want to learn about game design, before planning nation wide events.

What else are you going to be selling, do you have any favorite items besides Hibernation?

I will also be selling all sorts of fun collectibles, music, art and games. I have a set of classic records, classic old comic books as well as new ones, retro games and modern ones, toys and electronics. Some of my other favorite items are the Pied Raven Games shirts that I have available for sale.

And finally, do you have any favorite bear facts?

During hibernation, black bears drop their heart rate to as low as 8 – 21 bpm, and breathe only once every 45 seconds.



Don’t sleep on Hibernation, head on down to the Boston Hassle Flea on Saturday, 2/22, 12 to 6pm at the Elks Lodge, 55 Bishop Allen Drive, Cambridge, MA, and pick up a copy! I can bearly contain my excitement! Can’t wait to get my paws on a copy of my own!

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