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Basement Babes Issue 11: Interview with Alyse Stuck


Basement Babes: How would you like to introduce yourself to our readers?

Alyse Stuck: I’m Alyse Stuck, I’m 22 years old, and I’m from Erie, Pennsylvania. I’m an artist living in Boston with the cutest pup in the world, Beau.


BB: You recently had an exhibition at §üb∫amsøn entitled “Lightning Rod”. Could you tell us a little about the exhibition?

AS: “Lightning Rod” is my first solo exhibition and I showed a variety of different mediums including photography, prints, sculpture, and a performance piece. The main focus and purpose of my art is the experience I have while producing each piece. I use art as a way to explore my body and learn more about myself and how I fit into different spaces, whether it be nature or the architecture of a building. Using myself as the model, I drew in the corner of the gallery on the wall and a mirror attached to the wall. I only look at my body as I draw and do not lift my marker off the surface, making it a semi-blind-continuous line drawing. The process puts me in a meditative state and is very calming for me.


BB: What have you learned about yourself and your own body through the exploration of the female body in your art?

AS: I have always been a very self-conscious person with my body, personality, etc. For that reason I have always been interested in exploring my body in intimate spaces which results in a sense of self acceptance. It also allows me to view myself in different spaces and environments and how I connect with each of those places. Each image or sculpture or line in the drawing brings up a memory of how I was feeling during those times. I feel like I get to know myself better and better each time I make something new.


BB: Where do you draw inspiration from?

AS: I really love Francesca Woodman’s photography. There’s a beautiful, mysterious quality to her photos that attracts me. She’s a mysterious person in general being that she committed suicide at age 22 and not much is known about her photography besides some diary entries. I am also really inspired by the works of Ana Mendieta and Janine Antoni for both their photography work and performances.


BB: Do you have any advice for other girls and women who want to pursue art?

AS: I don’t really have any advice other than to do and make whatever you want and work hard!


Check out Alyse’s art on her website!

Photo by Tim Oxton.

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