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APRIL COMPASS: Places You Could Hang – Lamp Land


Lamp Land is easily missed. It is a tiny inconspicuous hole in the brick wall on Broadway right around the corner from Sullivan Station in East Somerville. As soon as you enter you are barraged with a warm but chaotic scene: colorful rotating disco lights in every square inch, two radios playing Christmas music and Avril Lavigne simultaneously. You begin to squint and gradually gain consciousness of this bizarre scenario in which you find yourself: in a literal hipster paradise. Lamps, yes many lamps, lining the perimeter of a room about the size of my bathroom. All the bulbs are turned on and they are all different colors and/or changing colors. Not just lamps but every specimen of gizmo, gadget, adaptor, cable, battery, converter, and inspiring LED paperweight, ranging from incredibly useful (stereos, mixers, $13 digital cameras) to bewilderingly niche (a vintage underwater sports camera?). Everything is neat and highly organized with concise self-printed price tags.


And it turns out there’s even more going on behind the scenes…A lot more. A quick convo with the owner and man-behind-the-counter reveals to me the full extent of operations here. Event rentals for PA systems, lights, and recording. And he will fix any random gadget you bring to him. He gives me a pen that says LAMP LAND with a laser beam built into the end of it, a brochure about his services, and pops my new $5 yellow desk lamp into a recycled Home Depot bag. I left in a stupor and I will definitely be back.


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