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April (4/2) Black Market Vendors: Meet the “ghost” behind Hungry Ghost Press

Q&A with Designer & Illustrator Chris Morrison


Chris at work

Chris at work

Are you a “hungry ghost”?
I guess in a way? I decided on the name Hungry Ghost Press when I was going to a buddhist-centered school in Colorado. I got really into the realm of hungry ghosts in the cycles of samsara, and how that could be interrupted in different ways. I think it’s good to be hungry, and always looking and wanting more.

When we started in 2009, Hungy Ghost Press focused on hand-crafted zines, tapes and books. We’ve since expanded into an entire lifestyle brand, with apparel, accessories & home decor.


What are you bringing to Black Market?
A killer collection of pins, patches, buttons, prints some home goods and some of our tees and apparel items.


Tell us about your favorite piece.
I’m really into our two new 1″ enamel pins. One of them is the “new world old problems” silver and blue pin and the other is the Hungry Ghost circle pin. I think they came out rad.
Hungry Ghost enamel pin

Hungry Ghost enamel pin

New Old World Problems enamel pin

New Old World Problems enamel pin


If you could describe your aesthetic with a song, what would it be?
Iron Maiden’s The Number of the Beast “And I’ll possess your body and I’ll make you burn.” That song rips.


What are some artists or makers that inspire you?
I’ve always been a big fan of Raymond Pettibon, Robert Crumb, Frank Frazetta, Wes Craven, Stephen King, John Carpenter and a lot of old pulp comics. Kind of a slew of killer drawings, great movies and stories and cool sound tracks.


Why do you encourage people to shop local?
Being a small business owner, I can’t express enough what it means when people come to events like the Black Market and choose to spend their money within the community, helping to support artists and small businesses.


Where can people learn more about your work?
You can follow us on instagram @hungryghostpress, visit us online at and find us in a recent blog write up for our part in Artist Editions by Urban Outfitters


More about Hungry Ghost Press
My name is Chris Morrison and I own and operate Hungry Ghost Press. We started back in 2009 with the mission to create hand crafted, limited edition zines, tapes and books. With a background and passion for print and bookmaking we expanded beyond zines and started the process of evolving our company into a lifestyle brand. Hungry Ghost Press now focuses on illustrations and graphic design for apparel, accessories and home decor. We make and carry goods that are inspired and fueled by horror & sci fi movies, pizza, caffeine and never taking naps. We also work on freelance design,  illustration and small batch print projects for bands and labels.
Chris printing

Chris printing

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