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Anna Fox Rochinski’s Memorable Songs/Artists from 2013


Anna Fox Rochinski  writes songs for, plays guitar, and sings for the uniquely psychedelic and jangling Boston band known as QUILT. She has been a constant member and supporter of the Boston area’s underground and off-the-beaten path music and art community for a long time time now. You can even sometimes find her playing solo in the psychedelic folk style, in Jamaica Plain, or someplace nearby as DAWN FAUNA. And she’s been kind enough to grace us with another year end list…

Anna Rochinski’s Memorable Songs/Artists from 2013 (in no particular order):

2013 was amazing. I’d like to share some important songs/performances that stood out to me over the course of the year. I wish I could list 1000 songs, but in the meantime here are 21. I meant to include just 20, but sometimes you just need that one extra special somethin.
Best wishes and much love to you all in 2014!

1. Ty Segall/White Fence- Easy Ryder/I Can’t Get Around You. I listened to these songs countless times this year. Many of those listens occurred while I was driving hither and yon in my big ol’ van. These songs were often playing during my drives up and down 93 to and from New Hampshire. They rule and so does this album.

2. The Strangers (acoustic) St Vincent. This stripped-down version of this song lasted all year for me, and was with me during many varied moments and emotions.

3. Connan Mockasin, Hey Chocolate. This song and artist in general began as a distant fascination for me, and by October we were sharing the stage at the Mexican Summer 5 year fest in Brooklyn, and was easily one of my favorite sets of the night. I will never forget gleefully entering the room with John and Katie, peering over people’s heads, and seeing Mr Mockasin on stage, like the ghostly child of Kurt Cobain and Luke Skywalker vis-á-vis Holy Mountain, New Zealand-style.

4. Catherine Ribeiro + Alpes- Paix. The imaginary lost gem of female-fronted French psychedelia I’d been craving has manifested in the form of this record.

5. The Fresh and Onlys- Drugs. Nearly a year after we toured with them, I watched my friends the F&O’s introduce this fantastic new song during their set at Woodsist Fest in California. Impeccably catchy and beautifully written.

6. Dee Dee Ramone- Mashed Potato Time. Did you know Mr. Ramone had a brief hip hop career? This song was introduced to me by my friend Jarvis before a long workday in the studio in April. Anddd…. I think it’s kind of brilliant.

7. Skip Bifferty- Jeremy Carrabine. This song was my new best friend at the end of our fall tour, just as it was starting to become cold outside.

8. Terry Riley, “In C”. Listening to this song, driving on 93, needing a peaceful and relaxing moment and finding it alongside this recording.

9. Ultimate Spinach- Guilded Lamp of the Cosmos. Another one from the summer, a happy association with Jamaica Plain and all the joy I experienced being surrounded by artists and drinking too much coffee and going swimming all the time.

10. Paul McCartney- Long Haired Lady. Keven gave me Ram on vinyl and although I was already familiar with it , I was able to really sink my teeth into the album over the summer as I was living in Jamaica Plain. This song came to life for me. Seeing Mr. McCartney at Fenway Park in July was amazing, like the ultimate experience for a mid-summer evening.

11. Martha Reeves and the Vandellas- Nowhere to Run. Always a childhood favorite of mine, this song suddenly was constantly on my mind this year. One of the darkest lyrical passages you’ll find anywhere. Amazing recording and vocal performance, as well. And helloooo, Motown percussion. Sheesh!

12. Pure Prairie League- Amie. I don’t remember where I heard it this year, it was in a supermarket or something, and I remember making myself remember the words to the refrain so I could look it up later. Apparently a well-established classic rock staple, I’m glad this song took 26 years to show up in my life because this is just when I needed it!

13. FJ McMahon- Early Blue. Fell head over heels in love with this record this year. I will always remember sitting in my studio at the Howard Art Project in Dorchester late into the night listening to this album. This song in particular is a total doozy.

14. The Cake- You Can Have Him. John showed me this song and accompanying bizzare-o video. What a brilliant slice of forgotten 60s girl group culture!

15. Peaking Lights- Beautiful Son. One of my favorite singles to come out on Mexican Summer in the last few years, with a rad video to boot. Reminds me of recording the 2nd Quilt record in Brooklyn during April, where Peaking Lights recorded their album Lucifer.

16. Ryley Walker- The West Wind. I met this fellow when we played a chapel at Oberlin with our friend Daniel Bachman. They performed a cover of “If I Were A Carpenter” and it was heartbreaking. This song and video are really rad as well.

17. Jessica Pratt- I caught this gal’s set in Los Angeles in September and it was the first time I had truly been exposed to her tunes. The room became hushed and her delicate, haunting folk songs took over. I’m really psyched for what next year holds for her.

18. Tame Impala- Coachella performance. Although I wasn’t present at this show, I watched the footage this spring while living in Greenpoint and was utterly intrigued by their live show. Shane and I saw them in May on a cool rainy night, having managed to score 2 of the last available tickets.

19. Dungen- Ta Det Lugnt. I’ll always associate this band with living on Green St in Jamaica Plain during March and listening to this album over and over.

20. The Swamp Rats- Here, There and Everywhere/I’m Going Home. Another pair of songs joined at the hip for me. These followed me around all year, as well. Everywhere.

21. Linda Perhacs, Sandy Toes. Another favorite of mine (since high school, actually) that we were lucky to be billed with in October. I remember re-discovering the magic of this song and deciding to give my good friend and occasional flautist partner in crime Regina Peterson this record for her birthday in June. Watching her perform in October with her band, all seated, with music stands in front of them, was a very powerful experience for me. She radiates a pure, inviting energy, and we can all learn from her.

That’s all folks- see you soon!
Love, Anna

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