2013 Year Enders

8==D~BOYS TOP TEN YEEHAWS OF 2013 [yeehaw] by Designer


DESIGNER are a band of mainly/ completely Jamaica Plain based D BOYZ. They are a fantastic batch of just the best dudes you could ever meet. And to boot, they are a great band creating a  fluorescent noise rock while operating out of some new fangled zone in the post-punk territory. They are having fun, well after it is done, Rory, Stone, Sam, Jim, and Nick are. The band tackled their list collectively, summing up a year in which they dropped a bunch of releases (some self-released, some courtesy of BUFU RECORDS) on our heads and made many rooms across Boston (and well beyond) go crazy for that wyld D BOY flavored sound. Everybody likes em. The girls and the guys!

8==D~BOYS TOP TEN YEEHAWS OF 2013 [yeehaw]:

– Having Brian Gibson tell me after a lightning bolt set “I’m fucking hammered” – rory
– Discovering bbigpigg – rory
– releasing an ep called “WAVVVES”
– staying at peter negroponte’s enormous pad in SOHO – jim
– throwing a show for B L A C K I E at the drive in – sam
– dropping out of berklee – everyone
– discovering leather jackets – stone
– discussing what it means to be cool with shawnie brando – rory
– discovering boberry biscuit in north carolina – nick
– lorde songs – jim and rory
– Pisces on Pisces – stone
– going to chic-fil-a – everyone


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