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Come out, come out wherever you are! THE WARRIORS is playing at Coolidge Corner this weekend. If you haven’t seen THE WARRIORS, maybe you feel like you’ve seen THE WARRIORS. A popular one to find stacked in a pile of VHS tapes between FERRIS BUELLER and THE BIG LEBOWSKI at your best skaterbro’s apartment, WARRIORS is a fail-proof party picture. When one New York street gang (The Warriors) is wrongfully blamed for the murder of Cyrus, popular leader of the Gramercy Riff gang, the Warriors must start a “desperate forced march” for survival, leading them through the precarious intestines of New York at night. Colorful, campy, and cool, THE WARRIORS is a simple and stylish chase film, perfect for a Friday night. Bring your crew, but leave the bats at home! No need to start a fight; this is a flick that everyone will love.

THE WARRIORS (1979) dir. Walter Hill
Coolidge Corner Theatre
Friday, April 11th at 11:59 pm
Also screens on Saturday, April 12th at 11:59 pm

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