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Taking its title from one of Shakespeare’s most keening sonnets of romantic complaint, in which the bard, jonesing for an absent lover, bargains fruitlessly with night and day to bring him the object of his desire, Turkish auteur Onur Ünlü’s latest film explores what it’s like to get what we want, only to be left wanting.

“Man is created from anxiety,” Euripides reminds us in the opening epigram, and Ünlü, seeking to make the point as sharp as possible, gives us a film in which people are capable of exceptional, even impossible things — in which everyone is, in fact, some kind of superhero, flying around or walking through walls or dabbling in telekinesis… or winning his heart’s desire. These things would never happen in a Nuri Bilge Ceylan film. That would be like Monsieur Hulot turning up on the set of L’AVVENTURA or something. And that’s sort of what this film is like: tortured, tormented, broodingly ambivalent; but also ridiculous, absurdist, and giddy. Even if we could talk day or night into delivering our deepest desires, Ünlü seems to be saying, we would still be the nervous wrecks we were born to be. Here’s another stab at fashioning art out of falling apart.

3/28 – 7:30pm
107 minutes

Remis Auditorium, 161
Museum of Fine Arts
$9 MFA members, seniors, students
$11 Everybody else

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