(2/19-2/20) GO TO: the 37th Annual 24 Hour Science Fiction Movie Marathon


This sunday we hunker down(me for my 15th year) for what is probably the most fantastic and fun movie going experience that Boston(or anywhere for that matter) has to offer year in and year out: the 24 Hour Sci-Fi movie marathon. And lest you think that such a thing is purely a rabid freak fest and nerdery…well you would of course be completely right, that’s what it is! But are you not such? I dare say YOU MIGHT BE!, if you let yourself be. Science Fiction itself, and the movies that represent the genre have the ability to titillate in so many different and competing fashions. This is what gives the genre its almost singular ability (amongst genres) to carry the weight of an occasion such as a 24 hour marathon. Science Fiction films can make you think, pondering what was or could be, and how we look(ed) at it. They can horrify you, and gross you out. They can make you ooh and ahh with atomic explosions, and feats thought impossible. And of course they can make you laugh out loud(most enjoyable when it is unintentional). Come experience the many strange rituals and out of this world oddballs that congregate but once a year. This sunday on into monday @ the glorious Somerville Theater.


WAR OF THE SATELLITES (1958) Roger Corman’s 8 day wonder starring Boston’s own tragic Susan Cabot.
BRAINSTORM (1983) Natalie Wood’s last film from sfx wizard Douglas Trumbull.
FRANKENSTEIN (1931) Rare studio archive print of the classic.
MISSION GALACTICA: Cylon Attack (1979) 2nd of the ‘Galactica’ movies.
ISLAND OF LOST SOULS (1932) Archive print of HG Wells’ classic.
PAUL (2011) Sci-fi comedy from the folks who gave us ‘Shaun of the Dead’.
RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES (2011) Stirring re-imaging of the classic.
SCANNERS (1981) David Cronenberg’s brain exploding ground breaker.
RE-ANIMATOR (1985) H.P. Lovecraft as channeled by Stuart Gordon.
ATTACK THE BLOCK (2011) One of our faves for this year
COWBOY BE-BOP (2001) Cult hit based on the TV show.
Boston Premiere! THE ROBOT ENHIDRAN It has Thon written all over it. Bollywood here we come.
North American Premiere DIMENSIONS (2012) Think what if PBS’ Masterpiece Theatre had a sci-fi edge? Part of The Fest.

Plus DUCK DODGERS, BAMBI MEETS GODZILLA, Fest shorts, Trailers guests and more.

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