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Places You Could Hang: Outside


Come take a trip outside. You’ve been cooped in your stinky room watching soap operas for far too long. It’s time to see the world as it really turns. And it’s turning for the better. Take a turn around the block and smile at all the people you see. They are out there, and some of them are ready to meet you. Come across a farmer’s market and buy some oysters from someone with a beard and strong shoulders. Come across a protest and join the struggle for equality.

What else is out there? Sidewalks. A canvas for chalk drawing, or just take a seat and see what unlikely characters stroll by. Talk about the weather with your local grocer. Plant a tomato in a vacant lot. As it grows, so will you. Watch its cute little leaves mature into a plump tasty harvest. The stalk will point you to the skies. The Wright brothers experimented with aviation, and so can you. Go to the top of a big hill and spread your wings. Soar into the sunset. As the sun sets on the community you have come to know and love, fly out to far off planets that might harbor communities just like your own.

Experience the nebula. You see that star out there? Many creatures are making many far out things out there. Music without noise. Art without image. Space without space. They will make space for you though. You will come to see that the cosmos is just as friendly as the patrons at your corner store. It’s all out there, and all you have to do is get out there. 

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