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(2/12) Black Market Vendors: Meet the Fashionable Sisters behind Pulp

Q&A with Black Market Vendor Pulp


Pulp goods was created by two sisters who wanted to make playful and minimal goods. They sell an array of handmade items from clay jewelry to sew on patches to silk-screened tote bags.

What are you bringing to Black Market?
We’re bringing embroidered patches, pouches, pennants, handmade weavings, clay necklaces and earrings, and silkscreen prints to Black Market. If we have time we’re also going to silkscreen tote bags and t-shirts. A lot of our stuff is usually done on canvas, but we’re also experimenting with scrap leather and vegan leather so there might be some leather goods there too!

Tell us about your favorite piece.
Our favorite piece would probably be our pouches. We collaborate the most on that because I do all the graphics and design (some of them are embroidered, others have hand drawn designs onto them), and my sister helps with the sewing. We put a lot of thought into the color combinations, and we even added a handle to it so it can be used as a clutch. I think the design is simple but very versatile. It can be used as a clutch, a pencil case, or makeup bag.

How did you get started embroidering?
We have always enjoyed making things by hand and embroidery seemed easy enough to learn by ourselves and also accessible because cost of materials isn’t too high. We started with hand embroidering shirts and patches! We started doing words and phrases when we got an embroidery machine for Christmas and we’ve been playing around with that ever since.

What materials do you use?
We usually use canvas and just thread! For our clay items, we use polymer clay.


If you could describe your style with a song, what would it be?
The Woman That Loves You – Japanese Breakfast

What are some artists or makers that inspire you?
We’re both fans of Chris Chew’s work and he’s also 1/2 of Gentle Persons Gently, who also vends at the Black Market! We also love Morgan Frailey’s work. She also plays with simple shapes and makes playful necklaces. Lastly, Fixed Air/ Tania makes beautiful metal jewelry that we really admire.

Why do you encourage people to shop local?
Shopping local really encourages makers’ creativity, and I think it’s good to try to support smaller businesses rather than big corporations. You can also find really unique stuff; a lot of big companies (like Zara) actually steal designs from smaller businesses, which is a shame.

Where can people learn more about your work?
People can follow our instagram @pulpgoods and I also post my art work on @elizabethhsong.

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