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(2/12) Black Market Vendors: Meet Soy Much Brighter, Makers of Fragrant Vegan Candles

Q&A with Black Market Vendor Katie


What are you bringing to Black Market?
I’ll be bringing vegan, nontoxic, soy candles made with sustainable materials that are good for the environment and the soul.

Grapefruit Bubbly Candle

Grapefruit Bubbly Candle

How did you get started with candle making?
The idea to make candles was born from both my desire to start a small business & to spread awareness of the toxic ingredients that most mainstream products are made with. As time goes on, my mission to educate the community and provide a healthy and therapeutic alternative for the world has taken center stage. Not everyone knows the the health repercussions from using toxic-laden products. I hope that by lending a few bits of information in this department, I will empower people to do further research and vote with their dollars to, hopefully, rid our marketplace of harmful products and replace them with plant-based, safe goods.

What materials do you use?
I use all plant-based and sustainable materials in the products I create. Taking it a step further, I try to be mindful of the types of packaging, shipping, and printing materials I use to ensure that I’m using recycled and recyclable products whenever possible.

If you could describe your favorite scent with a song, what would it be?
The most relevant song that comes to mind is for one of the first scents I ever created: Hunk-a Burnin’ Love. The name was given in remembrance to legend Elvis Presley’s “A Big Hunk O’ Love”. The scent is blended with pine + cedar wood, giving it a manly, woody aroma – it always reminds me of a well-dressed, sexy-smelling dude.

Hunk-a Burnin’ Love

Where do you look for inspiration for new candle scents?
Scent inspiration is mostly drawn from the desires of my customers. I try to pay close attention to what people love, while also keeping scents fresh and seasonably relevant.

Why do you encourage people to shop local?
Shopping local is the most important thing you can do to ensure a thriving local economy. I equate dollars to energy. If we pass around our energy to those we have direct contact with in our neighborhood, that energy blossoms, eventually spreading beyond our immediate environment to the communities around us. I believe that when you use your energy locally, that energy eventually comes back around to you, full circle.

Where can people learn more about your work?
You can follow along with the daily happenings with Soy Much Brighter on Instagram & Facebook @soymuchbrighter. Learn more about my creations at or

Soy Much Brighter was founded on the apparent need for a more non-toxic environment to live in. Every day, we use products that are not evidently healthy or safe for us to inhale, ingest, or use on our skin. With health issues on the rise, I set out to draw up a better path for myself and the people around me that wasn’t going to include harmful carcinogens. That path also includes you; because spreading the word of cleaning up our environment is my life’s mission and purpose.

Soy Much Brighter creations are all made with non-toxic, sustainable, and recyclable materials. Because Mother Earth has been good to us, let’s show her our gratitude.

Afternoon Delight scent

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