2013 Year Enders

The Year That Rocked 2013 by Ben Katzman and Dylan Ewen


Ben Katzman and Dylan Ewen run BUFU RECORDS, a Boston-based label dedicated to rocking out and playing absolutely no games.

Dzeam! Whadap People? Thanks for a most prosperous and bodacious year. Those BUFU shows were most excellent. I’ll never 4get how hard we chilled in 2013. Thanx every1 for chillin with us. Here are a few of our favorite releases. Can’t wait to chill hard in 2014. – Ben Katzman and Dylan Ewen

White FangSteady Truckin’ For Summer (Burger Records/Gnar Tapes)
Holy Dzeam! This shredcellent tape was the anthem to the ill summer of 2013. Portland, Oregon’s White Fang are easily my favorite group of badboys ever. Every song is a fist-pumping declaration to playing no games and rokin’ out. Sick riffs, singalong choruses, and psychedelic shredding are all over this tape. I will 4ever thank the shred gods for allowing me to see this band 3 times in one month this year. – Ben

Great ValleyContinental Lunch by Great Valley (Feeding Tube Records)
These guys are weirdoes. This is a cool album to listen to all the way through in one sitting. I hate it when people describe albums as a “journey” or a “trip” but this album is a rad journey/trip. Great Valley calls it pretend pop on their bandcamp. I think that’s sick. It’s like the perfect blend of familiar elements and off-kilter goofiness. Love it. – Dylan

In HeatDEMO 2 (Self Released)
Ever wondered what Black Sabbath might sound like if they were a black metal band you could meditate to? If you’re like me, then probably. In Heat’s DEMO 2 is a constant fixture in my tape player. I was blown away when this band slayed my basement a few months ago. You are in for mind numbing, art metal/space noise trip with this one. – Ben

Colleen GreenSock It To Me (Hardly Art)
Colleen Green is the babe of the century y’all and all of her songs rule. Her voice is airy and dreamy, her drum machine is swinging, and her fuzzy guitar is like a chilled out Johnny Ramone. Definitely a top pick for fans of Burger Records style teeny pop. – Dylan

Kanye West – Yeezus (Def Jam/Roc-A-Fella)
Seems like everyone has some sort of opinion on Kanye West now, for better or worse, but to quote the man himself “Excuse me, was you saying something? Uh uh, you can’t tell me nothing.” This album fucking rules. Who else is going to put Chief Keef rapping off time with a bunch of delay in the same room as the dude from Bonny Bear? Definition of “turnt up” and IDGAF how mainstream or played out you might think this record is. – Dylan

NunhexEP (No Work Records)
One of my favorite bands to come out of Miami…ever. Nunhex’s debut EP has some of the most thrash-tastic d-beat infused riffage to ever to rage inside my cranium. If you are a fan of gang shouts then this release is for you. I highly recommend listening to this while putting the ill in downhill skating. – Ben

Happy Jawbone Family BandS/T (Mexican Summer)
This record is the ultimate. This band is the ultimate. My favorite motley crew of all time. This album straight up rocks…hard. Every song is like a magnum opus of its own. Every time I put this album on, I feel like I’m going home to the best cooked meal that momma Katzman can make (Usually anything she cooks rocks, even Bruce Springsteen said her cakes rock). The kind that makes you feel mentally ill when you are physically ill. The kind that lets you know every day is a day worth rokin’ out. I love this album. I love this band. – Ben

DesignerKalvin and Kline (BUFU Records)
Look, I know this EP is on BUFU Records and that the D-boiz (Designer) are my friends but I have no shame in ranting about how much I love Designer. Designer is like the Blink-182 of noise rock. Every song is an aggressive orchestration of big dick riffs and anus clenching one-liners sprinkled over a tsunami of the most bodaciously righteous drum fills. These bby boys have a place in my heart. Who roks? Designer, yup. – Ben

Coma CinemaPosthumous Release (Orchid Tapes)
Mat Cothran might not be the most stable dude, but he sure does write some rad alt-rock, pop, emo, hipster shit, whatever you want to call it. I don’t really know/care. “Posthumous Release” is really a masterpiece from the group. With great songs and great production, this is truly a great record 2 feel sad 2 ;-( // :~) – Dylan

Uncle Boongy & His BUFU Nephews – Echoed By The People (BUFU Records)
Despite this being released on my own label, and despite the fact that “Echoed By The People” is the worst title of all time, this whole album is a fucking anthem! This is “indie-rock” music fronted by a Kermit the Frog soundalike singer who is a part time philosopher/Buddhist. The mythology alone behind this EP should be more than enough to get you interested. – Dylan

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