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So my dad elected to have his phone croon some junk about hump day every time he gets a text message. I can get on the level of a convivial exuberance for transitioning into the waning stages of one’s work week, though would much rather stick to Verizon’s stock LOW BEEP ONCE to keep discrete my personal discourse and allow my passions some spontaneity. But, you know, we all have our flags to fly and that is quite literally why we’re here on what is possibly my father’s most celebrated of days.

Worcester’s very own institution on an incline, DISTANT CASTLE, is hosting a night JUST 4 GIRLS. Wait, no, ok, so persons of any identification are both welcomed and encouraged to occupy this vista at the stated date & time and will be greeted with 4 killer sets. Allston’s SARALEE brings by their soft rock pop power in this installment of a string of NE dates nearing its conclusion. Also, the stormy and sentimental two-piece OJ gets out of our dreams and into their barn, GRACIE JACKSON of other rock note will be showcasing her stand-alone tunes, and RAMBLIN’ SAL who you may remember from such active pop quartets as Secret Lover wants to play you her new country standards of bedroom provenance.

Life’s an infinite horse or whatever: you just gotta ride it. If you fall off, it’s over. You broke it, you bought it. You bought it, you broke it, and now you’re transcending your fiscal scope. You’re not simply wearing out your existential welcome but doing donuts on its front lawn. Who cares, it’ll be a perfect Wednesday.

8:30pm // All Ages // $DONATE$

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