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Being the daughter of film titan Francis Ford Coppola, Sofia Coppola had quite the pedigree to live up to. And with her sophomore feature, she certainly made a formidable effort. Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson star as two lost souls even more lost in culturally shocking Tokyo, trying to come to terms with doubts about their careers, relationships and what to do next. Murray plays Bob Harris, a former action movie star reduced to acting in a Japanese whiskey commercial that pays well for little effort. Sharing his hotel is Charlotte (Johansson), a recent college graduate married to her workaholic photographer husband (Giovanni Ribisi), unsure of her marriage’s future as well as her own. Eventually wandering into each other, Bob and Charlotte strike up an unusual friendship, finding a connection in their current disappointments. As they grow closer, the pair ruminate on what will make them more fulfilled and happy, but find it increasingly difficult to arrive at definitive answers as the movie goes on. Equally funny and insightful, Lost in Translation was heaped with praise when released, earning its funny man star a well deserved Oscar nomination for his subtle performance. If you missed it the first time, now’s the perfect opportunity to catch it again on the big screen.

7pm // Brattle Theatre // $10 General Admission, $8 Student, $7 Senior

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