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Opening of IT’S VIRTUE IS IMMENSE: A Pre-Vinylite Society Tribute to Script Lettering @Lot F Gallery


TONIGHT the cool and the curious will be filing in and out of this sick spot from 7-11pm, with DJ Alanzi there to keep your head nodding.  For all you zinesters, make sure to check out the display case with a handful of printed gold for sale from curator Meredith Kasabian, artist Colt Bowden & The Pre-Vinylite Society.

If you haven’t been to a Lot F Gallery opening before…buckle up and enjoy yourself!


A Pre-Vinylite Society Tribute to Script Lettering

A tribute to the fading face of penmanship… As cursive faces possible extinction in our depressingly digital world LOT F GALLERY, MEREDITH KASABIAN (of Boston beautifiers BEST DRESSED SIGNS) and the PRE-VINYLITE SOCIETY are celebrating work by 20 of the best sign painters from around the world.  Historically, beautiful penmanship has been an indicator of virtue and civility, but aesthetics aside, the art of hand lettering continues to communicate more than just words.

On view 3/14-4/25


Featuring work by

Carl “Frisso” Angell // Jimmy “Spike” Birmingham // Colt Bowden // Christian Cantiello // Cooper // Ken Davis // Bob Dewhurst // Chris Dobell // Corinna D’Schoto // Ashley Fundora // Heather Diane Hardison // Brian Kaspr // Ted Kiley //  Enamel Kingdom // Josh Luke // Will Lynes // Kenji Nakayama // Pickles // Will Sears // Damon Styer 


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