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Severely blunted new outing from this deep, deep mystery unit. Yong Yong blew the internet’s ears off in 2013 with Love, bringing us back to a woozy take on the early Hype Williams sound. Since then, the artists known in normal circles as Rodolfo Brito and Francisco Silva moved from Lisbon to Glasgow, only now surfacing with a second LP for Night School, the dizzy, sensual Greatest It’s

It’s uses base, screwed beats and drunk synths as its (lol) main padding. Layer upon layer of tape hiss modulation is caked to increase the dankness of fog surrounding each track. But, like the Copeland/Blunt duo of days passed, YY mainly succeed in their sense of humor. “A Catia” is a prime example. A normally unexciting Red Hot Chili Peppers-referencing guitar “riff” is looped over Casio voice-synth meandering. Chopped in awkwardly quick is “Maca Lu-Lu,” with its repurposed vocal sample from the previous track relentlessly throbbing over trash dance beats before giving way to one of the heaviest productions on the disc. It sounds amateur, but it comes off as controlled, like they want listeners in on the joke.

We’ll see how long they can continue that precarious balance between gorgeous sentiment and stoned jest; lets enjoy the Greatest while we can. Available here; enjoy the stream below.

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