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Former HAIR POLICE-man Matt Minter has been doing this for a while now. This is WRETCHED WORST, a head scratching behemoth of a Lexington, KY band. The sounds this unit creates are large and unwieldy, disgusting and molasses-like, yet still spill forth from the traditional rock format (save for the fact that Minter is credited not only with “vocals”, but also with “tape”). This band is so fried. A scuzzy, more libidinous ENAHRE maybe, somehow (to fail @ contextualizing locally)? This is vomitous music (always paired up with Minter’s also vomitous cover artwork) that sounds like it was buried, and then unwittingly dug up again, and has since been wreaking havoc while various minds consider how to put it under dirt once again. We were supposed to set up a show for them about a year ago, but something happened and the show never materialized (an audience member’s cranium probably imploded @ an earlier tour stop, thus tying them up in legal matters. probably.). I don’t know. This stuff will zap you, so be careful listener. WORSE THAN JAIL (wow) was released by PRISON TATT RECORDS (wow wow) earlier in 2013. “Worse Than Jail can be listened to below but know that it is a most unholy slice. Relentless scrubbing for days shall be required to separate you from this filth, this miraculous garbage juice turned music that is making your brain sizzle right now (if you are listening) as its resident nebulous vocal cloud bashes onward through queasy riffage into the 4:00 minute, and arrival. Must come to Boston and ruin with your stench, thank you.

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