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Women and Non Binary Folks Run Boston Hip Hop and There’s Nothing You Can Do About It

Brandie Blaze is the most exciting, and intense MC that I have had the pleasure to work with in my many years on the Boston music scene. Listen to her preach! Listen to her music too! - DS


I don’t really remember when I met Oompa, Red Shaydez or Billy Dean Thomas. I just remember their impact on me. I remember how I felt hearing them spit, the chills that came over my body. How utterly amazed I was when I heard their bars, saw them prowl the stage and command attention. These are the artists that changed my life and made me want to be a better artist, a better rapper.
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Oompa is a clear cut superstar. After taking home 2 Boston Music Awards this year, she can no longer be denied. Her music is incredible. Her first album, November 3rd, is gut wrenching, introspective and black boi joy all wrapped into one. Not only is she an artist I look up to and inspire to be like, she’s a beautiful person who cares deeply about our city, our scene and our people. She’s hard at work on her second LP, and very soon the entire world will know her name.

Red Shaydez has some of the hardest bars in the city. Period. She’s the total package; absolutely gorgeous, an incredible lyricist and has the stage presence to match. She puts on a SHOW. I don’t know very many people that can rap over a J. Cole beat and totally own it and make it their own. I usually have the stank face when she performs because damn, she good!


Billy Dean Thomas is a powerhouse from New York that was nominated for a Boston Music Award this year. When they grace the stage with Anjimile (who I also absolutely adore!), it’s nothing like I’ve ever seen. Just a guitar and bars. What more could you ask for? Billy Dean intimidates me a little. I mean that in the best way possible! They are an absolute monster and anybody that touches a mic should be scared of them. They set the bar so high, most of us could never reach it.

The next generation of female rap is rising as well. Monavelli, Lik Meraki and Honey Bee are all artists to keep an eye on. We are the hip hop artists that don’t fit the typical mold. We aren’t cis men. We come in all shades, sizes and gender expressions. And we came to rip the mic.


Listen to Brandie’s music and go see her live whenever you get the chance! CHECK OUT MORE HERE! – DS

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