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What’s up w/ Luc of Sparkling Spit?

A few questions w/ the Moral Crema head before their live stream on the Hassle Youtube Channel TONIGHT (1/6) @ 8pm!


Catch SPARKLING SPIT’s stream on the Hassle Youtube channel wednesday 1/6 @8pm!!!!!!

Dan Shea:
It’s a new year, what’s gonna happen? What’s not gonna happen?

Luc M:
I’m trying not to predict anything, but I personally want to start delving more into writing and making one-off zines. Physical books and other easily distributable non digital things are going to be really important to balance the life we created in 2020. I don’t know what isn’t going to happen, I think anything is possible, good or bad.

Can you tell us about your project MORAL CREMA, which you cofounded?

Moral Crema is a sort of media distribution, collective of ever shifting members to help produce art and other things of a similar theme- trying to make critical and substantial work for a flattened creative community. I really resonate with a Terrence McKenna quote about creating your own art/media/roadshow instead of following popular icons and perpetuating a cultural monolith.

What’s something you’d like to see change in Boston post-pandemic?

There’s a lot about Boston that needs to change, and the pandemic only took away the few small venues and cultural keystones we had. I hope tourism stays down and I hope there can be a weird local culture again, a non hypocritical non hierarchical cultural scene.

You just released 3 albums, can you tell us about them? Were these recorded during covid times or what?

I’ve only released one full album, the others being singles/live recordings. Mostly I have a lofi at home set up and produce everything on my personal laptop. The live recordings are from an Allston basement with no audience, recorded by a professional producer. I like creating different versions of my songs, and I really enjoy doing covers in my style.

What’s next for you, and what can we expect from the stream wednesday??

I’m thinking of doing a collaborative EP since I have a few songs in the works with other people. If not an EP, a single with Le Snake is definitely coming. I don’t want to give away a lot about the stream, but I’d say to expect some more playing around with my existing tracks and some fooling around with the vocals, a lot of improvisational work maybe?

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