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Following up my article from last week on the new Cruelster 7”, let’s check out another killer Cleveland hardcore release from the last year. The long awaited Wetbrain LP! In the works since 2013, the self-titled LP, released on Massachusetts’ great Painkiller Records, follows up two demos by a Clevo band that features member of every other Clevo band ever – something true of nearly every Clevo band. Just to give an idea, members’ resumes include: Inmates, 9 Shocks Terror, Darvocets, Folded Shirt, Nunslaughter, Flyin Trichecos, Gordon Solie Motherfuckers, h100s, and an endless stream of others. The name-dropping does give a general idea of what you can expect from this band, although much like many of those projects the music itself can be hard to place. Wetbrain plays an often melodic thrash hardcore punk with rock n roll influences. The vocals are all over the place and can only really be described as the vocals of Larry Darvocet: high, cracking, dynamic, manic, and so on. Think maybe a more metallic version of Indigesti, with wilder vocals and a song about They Live. This is fast and filthy hardcore. There’s a new live (bootleg?) LP kicking around that is highly recommended to fans of owning and/or listening to records.

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