Went There

Went There: Waking Windows, Winooski, VT May 4-6th

A Heady Summer Festival in Scenic Winooski, VT


Noname on the Main Stage Saturday Night

There’s a few things to start off with: I’ve never been to Burlington, VT nor have I been to a music festival.


So to write this piece, I began this journey with a few main goals in mind. First, have a good time. Second, meet some new people & three pick up some useful tips and tricks for both the New England Underground Music Fest & just wait for it, wait for it… HASSLE FEST 10.

Yeah this one’s the biggie and we ain’t messing around this year.

Being shown Vermont for the first time with a Vermont native and an alum of UVM (groovy Uvy as they say) I was in good hands and more or less had a peek in through the back door of a scene… how do I put this: that’s much nicer than all of us. Really, they take time to know your names, apologize in crowded rooms for just bumping into you & make sure you’re as plugged into the scene as possible (Hassle creds don’t hurt imho).

Arriving Friday noontime, I took the chances to go to all the local Burlington spots of which my favorites were Knead Bakery, Uncommon Grounds & Half Lounge. My hostel was in Burlington, aptly named Burlington Hostel right in the Waterfront District.

Rough Francis on the Main Stage Saturday Afternoon

Due to an epic storm, Deer Tick canceled completely and the venues surrounding the main stage were still oozing with energy only found in the coming of summertime in Vermont.

This place is almost magical in the summer. Regrettably, my friend and photographer had a death in the family (RIP STUD) so I was almost without a photographer (Julia, my festival buddy came in the clutch at the last minute.)

No stress, see bands, have fun okay.

The coolest things in the fest were for sure the label showcases and small markets that lined downtown Winooski the weekend long.

Small presses, independent retailers, artists, comedy showcases etc., made it almost an overwhelming environment, but also the perfect time to drink maybe a little too much, not puke in the hostel and take a damn vacation for once.

Did I mention there’s a Fall WW festival in Portland, ME as well? I should take a moment to thank the organizers as well as the staff and everyone else that made this all happen. Winooski, Burlington, you’ve been nothing but kind.

Perhaps we’ll be back for Portland! Lord I hope so.

Pics by Julia Lloyd


Chris Hughes is a poet, music journalist & music editor for bostonhassle.com. They can be reached at [email protected] or @crsjh_ via twitter or instagram.

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