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We talk Mariam Saleh’s 1st ever live stream and a bunch more before her Hassle Plague Series show sunday 12/6 @ 8pm

The fantasy pop heroine is living in the now. Join her on sunday from wherever you happen to be.


Tune into BONG WISH’s set on sunday 12/6 on the Boston Hassle instagram live @ 8pm est!!!

Dan Shea:
Hey Mariam. Is this your first livestream of 2020? How are you feeling about not having played live in a room full of people for so long now?

Mariam Saleh:
First livestream ever.. Honestly it’s been good.. it’s healthy to take yourself out of a situation you’ve been in for so long and rethink it and analyze it with new perspective. It’s like any relationship.. it needs time and space to grow. It felt sort of suffocating with no real reward for a bit so I’m feeling good about things these days. The first time I kind of missed gigs was watching I Love You Man the other day and seeing how much fun they were having seeing Rush live. I was like ah shit ok ok that looks like fun.

If you had to choose one which Ween album would you say has a mood for for “Covid times“?

Probably The Pod.. they just holed up in their shitty apartment from both getting mono and got super weird. So instead of mono it was covid.

Recording anything?

Yeah I been off and on working on the LP.. kinda blacked out during quarantine but now I’m refreshed and ready to finish it up.

What’s inspired you recently? Is inspiring you if you’d care to share??

Honestly I’m kind of inspired from just doing less outer stuff and doing more inner stuff .. it’s been a crazy passed couple of years so with all that’s been happening I’ve finally been able to collect my thoughts. I started to realize how fast things were moving without much thought or care. Now you kind of gotta face yourself and the realities.


What’s the near future hold? What can we expect on Sunday, any hints??

The future .. I’m not ready for the future.. I’m just catching up now so let me meditate on that one. As for Sunday, I don’t know I’m gonna play my songs and try to not waste too much of peoples time. Watch the show then get the hell of your phones and read a book or something.

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