COVID-19, Hassle Fundraiser

We are less than $300 from completing our Covid-19 Fundraiser! Push us over edge!!!!

Be the one who drives the final stake through the heart of our current fundraiser!!!!! DONATE NOW!


The COVID-19 Pandemic that is sweeping across the world has left a number of members of our collective unemployed or underemployed.

Please support them and provide us some funds we have lost due to the inability to hold our bi-monthly flea market or our events.

Aside from bringing Boston and New England the best in alternative and independent shows in alternative, DIY spaces, is an emerging and volunteer-run cultural outlet. This means: we have fees to run our website, pay our web developer,  pay any upfront costs that come up with our events, and have some money in the bank as we look to the (hopefully near) future and opening our own community market/ performance/ gathering space.

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