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I’ve been struggling lately. I think that’s true for most people I’ve talked to in the past few weeks. Some of it is just feeling worn down for what’s been a crazy academic year both personally and globally, but, of course, the increased threat of nuclear war doesn’t help–especially when added to the pile of so many other unconscionable conflicts, wars, and slaughters being conducted in the same moment. My brain has been giving me Warsan Shire when I think of Ukraine. The moments of solidarity during a weekend of football in Europe brought me to tears even as my mind simultaneously held the knowledge of all the big money and war profiteering that was bringing those gestures into my home.

My students came to class last week with their thoughts and hearts on the invasion of Ukraine. In a moment of horrific serendipity, we were scheduled to watch Inextinguishable Fire and We Began by Measuring Distance for our unit on political experimental films and animations.

In solidarity,

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Angela Y. Davis: Well, I’ve always been interested in the relationship between art and politics. I know that movements are often driven by music, by poetry, by visual art. I think that art is able to reach people in a way that didactic conversations often don’t.

As a graduate student, I studied extensively the philosophical relationship between aesthetics and politics. As an activist, I’ve always been concerned about the fact that in social movements, the artistic dimension is most often treated as entertainment, and therefore as an aside. When you organize a rally you ask, “Well who’s going to provide the entertainment for the rally?” not taking into consideration the epistemological dimension of art, the ways in which art can produce knowledge, knowledge of the sort that does not occur with a simple political speech. And of course, art involves the imagination. And if we believe that revolutions are possible, then we have to be able to imagine different modes of being, different ways of existing in society, different social relations. In this sense art is crucial. Art is at the forefront of social change. Art often allows us to grasp what we cannot yet understand. It seems that over the last decades, the separation of art and politics, which was assumed for so long—art for art’s sake—has defined art that has anything to do with politics as inferior art. We’ve heard these ideas expressed over and over again. But over the last few years—especially since the last US election —artists have been more expressly, more overtly, political, and have begun to give us a sense of the ways in which art enriches our ideas about social change, about revolution. (In context here)

Emergency Funds

Emergency Temporary Relocation Resources for cultural workers from Ukraine
Residency for Ukrainian artists. Art is urgent!
HEAP NYC due March 15th
Help for renters
GIG Fund
Springboard for the arts
Africa Creative Defence Network
Coronavirus Resource & Response Center
Coronavirus Resource Kit
CERF+ Emergency Assistance
Artists’ Fellowship Inc.
COVID-19 Freelance Artist Resource
Artist Relief Project
AFC Emergency Financial Aid
FCA Emergency Grants
Filmmaker’s Guide To Applying For US Coronavirus Federal Relief
Emergency Resources for Artists and Freelancers
Artist Rescue Trust
COVID-19 Funding for Artists in New England
Artist Relief Tree
BridgeSong Fund

Calls For Entry

Lesley University Independent Film Festival Regular Dead March 1st
Split Videoart Festival Regular Deadline March 1st
BlackStar Film Festival Preferred Deadline March 2nd
City of West Hollywood’s Multicultural Holiday Artwork due March 2nd
Prix Ars Electronica due March 2nd
S+T+ARTS Prize 2022 due March 2nd
Chicago Underground Film Festival Regular Deadline March 5th
Mimesis Documentary Festival Earlybird Deadline March 6th
Hewlett 50 Arts Commissions due March 8th
Two Solo Exhibitions at OyG Projects due March 9th
Coney Island Film Festival Regular Deadline March 11th
Pittsburg State University Gallery Proposals due March 11th
Minute vidéo 2022 due March 14th
Festival of Kinetic Art of Light Light.Move.Festival. due March 15th
Athens Digital Arts Festival due March 15th
BAD Award 2022 due March 15th
Rest Summit due March 15th
Science Film Festival due March 15th
Brunswick Underground Film Festival due March 18th
Experimental Film East Anglia Regular Deadline March 20th
West Virginia Mountaineer Short Film Festival Regular Deadline March 25th
CUE Curatorial Projects Open Call due March 25th
CUE Solo Exhibitions Open Call due March 25th
Delaplaine Arts Center National Juried Exhibition due March 27th
FESTIVAL ECRÃ Final Deadline March 27th
Camden International Film Festival Regular Deadline March 28th
Festival Obskura 2022 due March 30th
Chilean Artists at the Ars Electronica Festival due March 31st
FIDMarseille due March 31st
San Diego Underground Film Festival Earlybird Deadline March 31st
Africa International Horror Film Festival Earlybird Deadline March 31st
Experimental Superstars Deadline 1 March 31st
Lacuna Festivals due March 31st
Archives of the Future: Open, Sustainable and Equitable due March 31st
ANIMAPHIX International Animated Film Festival Final Deadline March 31st
Open Call Fresh Legs 2022 due March 31st
Fracto Film Encounter due April 1st
Middleground due April 3rd
Mimesis Documentary Festival Regular Deadline April 3rd
Race Flicks due April 4th
ALC videoart festival Regular Deadline April 15th
Surfalorus Film Festival Regular Deadline April 28th
Cucalorus Film Festival Earlybird Deadline April 28th
Africa International Horror Film Festival Regular Deadline April 30th
Experimental Superstars Deadline 2 April 30th
Analogica Regular Deadline April 30th
Animatter Earlybird Deadline April 30th
Laterale Film Festival Regular Deadline April 30th
Ibrida 2022 due May 1st
Barcelona International Short Film Festival Regular Deadline May 2nd
Future Places due May 4th
Fringe! Queer Film & Arts Fest Regular Deadline May 15th
Edinburgh Short Film Festival Regular Deadline May 16th
Cucalorus Film Festival Regular Deadline May 26th
Experimental Superstars Deadline 3 May 31st
Engauge Experimental Film Festival Deadline June 1st
Altered Images Earlybird Deadline June 12th
Experimental Superstars Deadline 4 June 30th
Persian Experimental Film Festival Early Deadline June 30th
Animatter Regular Deadline June 30th
Barcelona Independent Film Festival due July 1st
Persian Experimental Film Festival Regular Deadline July 27th
San Diego Underground Film Festival Regular Deadline
Altered Images Regular Deadline September 14th
The Sidewalk Video Gallery (Rolling)
Los Angeles Times Short Docs
World Channel Nonfiction
Millennium Film Journal
Exploding Cinema
Joker Joker TV

Open Residencies & Fellowships

Summer Arts BIPOC Residency due March 1st
Ucross Residency due March 1st
Millay Core Residency due March 1st
Pro Helvetia Residency due March 1st
AiR: Radar Sofia June Session due March 1st
Chautauqua School of Art Residency Program due March 2nd
Colour Reversal due March 4th
Kala Fellowship due March 6th
Shandaken: Storm King due March 7th
Workspace Residency due March 8th
Alchemy: Musician in Residence due March 10th
Rising: Climate in Crisis Residencies due March 10th
BRIClab due March 10th
Vera List Center Fellowship due March 13th
McKnight Fellowships for Media Artists due March 14th
Media Art Xploration due March 15th
Norton Island Residency for Writers & Artists due March 15th
AtelierWG due March 15th
Residency at Tallinn Art Hall due March 15th
Armstrong Now due March 15th
Roswell Artist-in-Residence due March 15th
LIFT–Early Career Support for Native Artists due March 16th
AI ANARCHIES due March 17th
Artist Residency: CFMDC + Archive/Counter-Archive due March 20th
Karen Schmeer Film Editing Fellowship due March 20th
Wassaic Project Winter Residency Program due March 22nd
Recess Session 2022 due March 28th
Points North Fellowship Regular Deadline March 28th
BAU Institute Residency due March 31st
Alpena Wildlife Sanctuary AiR due March 31st
Southern Exposure Film Fellowship due March 31st
Changing Climate Residency due April 10th
Fire Island Artists Residency due April 15th
Cucalorus Works-in-Progress Lab due April 27th
North Star Fellowship due May 3rd
Jerome Hill Artist Fellowship due May 4th
VCCA Fellow due May 15th
AiR: Radar Sofia September/October Session due May 31st
Mesa Refuge Residency due June 1st
Light Work AiR due July 1st
Pony Farm Residency due July 15th
Elephant Lab Digital Residency
ArtVendome: Artist in Residence
Adobe Creative Residency Community Fund (Monthly)
Nes Artist Residency
The Loisaida Center Emerging Artist Residency
SomoS Berlin Virtual Artist Residency
Mentoring and Coaching for Creatives

Open Funds

Catapult Film Fund Development Grant due March 1st
Vanishing Angle Post Grant Early Bird Deadline March 1st
F.E.A.S.T. at VisArts 2022 MUTUAL AID due March 4th
Sundance Institute | Sandbox Fund due March 7th
LIFT Production and Post-Production Support Grant 2022 due March 21st
Impact Kickstart due March 22nd
Innovate Grant due March 24th
Franklin Furnace Fund due April 1st
Moon and Stars Project Grants due April 15th
Vanishing Angle Post Grant Regular Deadline May 1st
Second Grants for Arts Projects due July 2nd
The Photodom Grant Program
Black Artists Grant
Boston Opportunity Funds
Artist Support Pledge

Things to Watch

Remains to be Streamed, IG Live (Ongoing, Tuesdays 8PM PT)
Media City Film Festival (Feb 8 – March 1)
Burnt 3.10 (Feb 17 – March 1)

The Autobiographical Animal (Feb 4 – March 12)
Becoming the Skin of the Snake (Feb 25 – March 28)
FAIR USE with Fernando Ramirez (March 2 6:30PM ET)
Pleasure Dome Crit Night (March 2 7PM ET)
Inextinguishable Fire
We Began by Measuring Distance

Things to Read

Article/Essay: “The Poetics of Disobedience” by Alice Notley
Book: An Abolitionist’s Handbook: 12 Steps to Changing Yourself and the World by Patrisse Cullors
Poem: The End and the Beginning by Wisława Szymborska

Things to Do
Assignment: Listen to your heart this week. That will take some focus, and it may be uncomfortable. What does your heart require of you? A project you want to fall in love with? A tv show you’re longing to catch up with? A book that you’ve been dying to curl up with? A doodle you feel drawn to doodle? A nap? A meal you’ve been dying to cook/order?

Journal: What are you feeling right now? Start with the surface (tired, hungry, etc.) and keep going. We’re often more complex than we give ourselves credit. You can just list these feelings as they arise or allow yourself to ramble stream of consciousness style. Just check in with yourself.

* No newsletter next week. I’m taking Spring Break very seriously this year.

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