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This Week in Experimental Vol 88


Hello Experimenters!

It’s beautiful out again! I’m writing to you while sitting in sunshine and watching a very happy puppy run around the yard with sticks. It’s funny how little it takes to shift my mood. I woke up longing to go right back to sleep, but I have thawed as the sun has warmed the world around me. There’s also the impending end of the semester to look forward to. I hope that you’ve found a ray of sunshine to bask in today–no matter how fleeting it might be.

Ramadan Mubarak,

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Emergency Funds

List of Helpful Resources for Ukrainian Refugees and others at risk
ICFR Ukraine War Fund
List of supplies for filmmakers in Kyiv
Emergency Temporary Relocation Resources for cultural workers from Ukraine
Residency for Ukrainian artists. Art is urgent!
Support Ukrainian Creatives
Ukrainian Creative Forces
Institute of Design Kielce for designers and curators from Ukraine
Office Ukraine – Shelter for Ukrainian Artists
Emergency residencies for Ukrainian artists and art professionals in Finland
Help for renters
GIG Fund
Springboard for the arts
Africa Creative Defence Network
Coronavirus Resource & Response Center
Coronavirus Resource Kit
CERF+ Emergency Assistance
Artists’ Fellowship Inc.
COVID-19 Freelance Artist Resource
Artist Relief Project
AFC Emergency Financial Aid
FCA Emergency Grants
Filmmaker’s Guide To Applying For US Coronavirus Federal Relief
Emergency Resources for Artists and Freelancers
Artist Rescue Trust
COVID-19 Funding for Artists in New England
Artist Relief Tree
BridgeSong Fund

Calls For Entry

Portland Film Festival Regular Deadline April 6th
Whitstable Biennale 2022 due April 8th
Berwick Film & Media Arts Festival due April 11th
Experimental Film and Video Festival in Seoul due April 11th
Venice Experimental Video & Performing Art Festival 2022 due April 14th
ALC videoart festival Regular Deadline April 15th
Film Fest Kodama Regular Deadline April 17th
Los Angeles Animation Festival Earlybird Deadline April 17th
Fondland 2022 due April 2022
Brussels Independent Film Festival Not so Early Deadline April 23rd
MalatestaShort Film Festival Earliestbird Deadline April 24th
Passepartout Photo Prize Earlybird Deadline April 25th
EMAP due April 27th
Surfalorus Film Festival Regular Deadline April 28th
Cucalorus Film Festival Earlybird Deadline April 28th
Africa International Horror Film Festival Regular Deadline April 30th
Bloomsday Film Festival Regular Deadline April 30th
Experimental Superstars Deadline 2 April 30th
Analogica Regular Deadline April 30th
Animatter Earlybird Deadline April 30th
Laterale Film Festival Regular Deadline April 30th
Lookout Wild Film Festival Earlybird Deadline April 30th
Waiting due April 30th
Experimental Film Fest May Day Deadline
Ibrida 2022 due May 1st
Barcelona International Short Film Festival Regular Deadline May 2nd
Innovator in Residence Program due May 2nd
Future Places due May 4th
TLP Curatorial Projects due May 5th
Fringe! Queer Film & Arts Fest Regular Deadline May 15th
LANDSCAPE2022 due May 15th
MalatestaShort Film Festival Regular Deadline May 25th
SeaShorts 2022 due May 15th
Edinburgh Short Film Festival Regular Deadline May 16th
Brussels Independent Film Festival Ongoing Deadline May 23rd
Cucalorus Film Festival Regular Deadline May 26th
25 FPS due May 31st
Courts Mais Trash Earlybird Deadline May 31st
Experimental Superstars Deadline 3 May 31st
Kinodrome Earlybird Deadline May 31st
NewFest Regular Deadline May 31st
San Diego Underground Film Festival Earlybird Deadline March 31st
Experimental Film Fest National Olive Day Deadline June 1st
Crossing the Screen Earlybird Deadline June 1st
Saigon Experimental Film Festival Regular Deadline June 1st
Engauge Experimental Film Festival Deadline June 1st
Passepartout Photo Prize Final Deadline July 4th
Altered Images Earlybird Deadline June 12th
Kinodrome Regular Deadline June 20th
Experimental Superstars Deadline 4 June 30th
Persian Experimental Film Festival Early Deadline June 30th
Antimatter Regular Deadline June 30th
Barcelona Independent Film Festival due July 1st
Black Bear Film Festival due July 15th
ANIMAFILM International Animation Festival due July 15th
Nature & Culture Film Festival Regular Deadline July 20th
Brussels Independent Film Festival Almost Regular Deadline June 23rd
Brussels Independent Film Festival Regular Deadline June 23rd
Experimental Film Guanajuato Regular Deadline June 23rd
Persian Experimental Film Festival Regular Deadline July 27th
San Diego Underground Film Festival Regular Deadline July 31st
Tatsuno International Film Festival due August 10th
Crossing the Screen Regular Deadline September 1st
Altered Images Regular Deadline September 14th
Los Angeles Animation Festival Regular Deadline September 25th
Courts Mais Trash Regular Deadline September 30th
Lookout Wild Film Festival Regular Deadline September 30th
The Newburyport Documentary Film Festival’s YES
The Sidewalk Video Gallery (Rolling)
Los Angeles Times Short Docs
World Channel Nonfiction
Millennium Film Journal
Exploding Cinema
Joker Joker TV

Open Residencies & Fellowships

2022 Flaherty Fellowships due April 5th
Bemis Center AiR due April 8th
2023 Changing Climate Residency due April 10th
Changing Climate Residency due April 10th
Fiminco Foundation Residence due April 10th
IMMERSION 4.0: VR Creation Lab due April 13th
Institute for Artistic Practices: Study Programme 2022 due April 14th
Annex Fellowships for Massachusetts Residents due April 15th
BAC Fall 2022 Multidisciplinary Residency due April 15th
Fire Island Artists Residency due April 15th
Nicholson Project’s Artist Residency Program due April 15th
VARC Residency due April 17th
NEH-Mellon Fellowships for Digital Publication due April 20th
Cucalorus Works-in-Progress Lab due April 27th
Rough Cut Retreat due April 29th
LUX Emergent Producer/ Curator Desk Residency due April 30th
Studio Museum Harlem AiR due April 30th
Athens Residency due May 1st
CultureHub Residency due May 1st
North Star Fellowship due May 3rd
Jerome Hill Artist Fellowship due May 4th
TLP Artist in Residence due May 5th
LEF/CIFF Fellowship due May 9th
Visual Artists Residency 2022 due May 14th
Marble House Residencies due May 15th
VCCA Fellow due May 15th
Visual Studies Workshop due May 15th
Interdisciplinary Program Art of Practice Fellowship due May 17th
Oak Spring Interdisciplinary Residency due May 26th
AiR: Radar Sofia September/October Session due May 31st
Mesa Refuge Residency due June 1st
ART4T due June 3rd
Light Work AiR due July 1st
Pony Farm Residency due July 15th
Bemis Center AiR due August 1st
VCCA Fellow due September 15th
Elephant Lab Digital Residency
ArtVendome: Artist in Residence
Adobe Creative Residency Community Fund (Monthly)
Nes Artist Residency
The Loisaida Center Emerging Artist Residency
SomoS Berlin Virtual Artist Residency
Mentoring and Coaching for Creatives

Open Funds

Anonymous Was A Woman Environmental Art Grants due April 12th
Moon and Stars Project Grants due April 15th
Harpo Grants for Visual Artists due April 29th
Cousin Collective Cycle II due April 30th
Vanishing Angle Post Grant Regular Deadline May 1st
SFFILM Documentary Film Fund Regular Deadline May 6th
NoMAA due May 9th
SFFILM Documentary Film Fund Final Deadline May 20th
MAP Grant due May 27th
Filmed in NC Fund due June 23rd
Second Grants for Arts Projects due July 2nd
Sundance Institute Documentary Fund due June 6th
The Photodom Grant Program
Black Artists Grant
Boston Opportunity Funds
Artist Support Pledge

Things to Watch

Remains to be Streamed, IG Live (Ongoing, Tuesdays 8PM PT) *On hiatus
Yale Student Film Festival (April 4 & 5)
CinemAfrica Retrospective Edition 2022 (April 4 – 18)
Peripheries Film Festival (April 10 – 14)
Selected Works from the Computer Art Festivals (1973-75) (March 24 – April 29th)
Moving Body – Moving Image (March 28 – April 11)
The bytes dreams are made of // Alessandro Amaducci (March 29 – May 3)
Kim Kielhofner: Video Works 2010 – 2022 (April 5 7:30 PM ET)
Ecstatic Truth Symposium (April 8)
Bring Your Own Animation – April 2022 (April 12 7:30PM ET)
Ecstatic Static No. 13: For the Birds
Domestic Documents: Spaces of Care & Crisis
Natural Selection: Five Films by Larry Gottheim

Things to Read
Article/Essay: Anyone Can Write a Poem by Eric Sneathen
Book: London’s Arts Laboratories and the 1960s Avant-Garde by David Curtis
Poem: Allah Castles by Faisal Mohyuddin

Things to Do
Assignment: Sleep in one day this week. You may have to schedule it in advance, and you’ll likely have to take something off your to do list, but I have a feeling you need it. Rest without guilt.

Journal: What’s the last thing you read that you really enjoyed? What did you like about it? How did it make you feel? How much do you think the author considered that potential feeling? What did they do to help you get there?

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