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The Washington Street Mills

A glimpse of the Rochester, NH area art scene


About a month ago, I received a wonderful opportunity to display some of my ceramic art in the East Tower Gallery at Washington Street Mills. The Washington Street Mills is located in Dover, NH, and is also the location of many artist studios. I recently visited there and checked out my display.

While admiring my own work, I happened to look up to see these colorful mobiles hanging above me.

These mobiles are the work of Aaron Stanley, and you can see more of him here: Aaron’s Etsy Page

However, I was not at the Washington Street Mills to see my own work, or Aaron’s mobiles, as great as they are. I was really here to visit my friend Bailey Lewton and see his new studio. I’ve known Bailey for about a year, although he’s been in New England for the last two.

Originally from Ohio, Bailey is an Army veteran, having served 12 years. Receiving an honorable discharge, and living in Florida at the time, he took a job as a production manager for a manufacturing plant. Around this time, he discovered that he hated the job, and that he liked taking things apart and turning them into something else. Taking a huge chance, he decided to subject his family to our lovely winters and moved them to New Hampshire and created a company called Evolution Decorum. When I first met Bailey, he was in a tiny, cramped studio in the Washington Street Mills. I’d call it a closet, really—he had a desk, and some shelves, and not a lot of room to move around. Back then, he made lamps out of just about anything. Meat grinders, roller skates, or rotary phones, he turned them into whimsical lamps for any decor.

(Photo from

From there he started creating sculptures, coming up with one of the most intriguing pieces I’ve had the pleasure of viewing up close and in person.

“Perspective” (photo courtesy of Bailey Lewton)

Recently, he was able to move out of that tiny studio and into a much bigger one, allowing him to work on bigger pieces of furniture.

Sewing Table turned Butcher Block (Photo courtesy of Bailey Lewton)

He also tried his hand at painting about six months ago, and found out he was pretty good at that, too.

“This Girl” a series by artist Bailey Lewton 2015

Whether it’s sculpting, painting, or upcycling old furniture, Bailey has an easy smile and an enthusiasm for art. You can tell that he now loves what he does.

Bailey will be displaying a selection of sculptures on June 20 at The Bedrock Gardens, located at 45 High Road in Lee, NH. He will also be a featured artist and presenter at MergeArts Boston on June 28. Click here for tickets and additional info: MergeArt Boston

You can see more of Bailey’s work by visiting his website: Bailey’s website

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