Black Market, Upcoming Boston Hassle Shows


This sunday shop local, shop gay goddamit!!!! Black Market Flea Pride Riot @ Cambridge Community Center 12-6pm



@lethemlive @lethemlive local queer barber serving looqz! Specializing in: short hairstyles, contemporary, classic, fades, lineups, and beard trims. Haircut $15, $20 haircut/beardtrim
#2stencil Art — posting lino block prints, t shirts, etc
Ada’s Estate I sell hand-made prints, stationary, journals, and apparel. Everything I create is made from recycled, repurposed, or secondhand materials.
Alice Starling enamel pins, original paintings and prints, handmade plushies, vintage fabric, vintage tchotchkes
arifacreates Handmade clay jewelry- earrings and necklaces Handmade wire wrap rings and necklaces Handmade collage lighters Small clay altar pieces
Art alchemy by Pelly Paintings, prints, and mixed media artwork
Artificial Distro Records
Astrowicks I create candles, bath kits, and jewelry!
Avant Garde Vintage Selling sustainable, repurposed vintage items, one of one items (collaborating with local artists). Promoting fashion forward, gender fluid, accessible styles to all. All items are hand picked by myself or my team.
Bias Handmade Jockstraps, bow ties, other clothes and accessories
Black-Haired Demon Hand-printed woodblocks; comics and art zines; t shirts and patches. I also do pull your own print demos onsite.
Blood Moon hand made silver jewelry and gothic home decor
Boston Food Not Bombs We will be selling patches, pins, zines and stickers to raise money for our public free meals, grocery and menstrual supplies distribution. as well as giving out free materials about community mutual aid and food scarcity and homelessness in Boston.
Brandy Bingham Formerly Pinscript. I design & sell enamel pins, patches, buttons, stickers, keychains, etc.
Brian Huntress Arta I sell clay sculpture, paintings, drawings, antique photography, bones, bone art, and many other odd things i collect.
Burgleflurg Embroidered shirts and patches, prints and zines. I will also be sharing the table with Jas Saj doing reiki healing and tarot readings.
Cannon Candles Scented soy wax candles
Caricatures by Matt Bernson Caricatures and paintings
Catparty Design Studio Enamel pins, stickers, magnets and accessories.
CBenjamin Art I am a queer artist who creates beautiful colorful fluid art paintings. I use my extra paint to create upcycled one of a kind jewelry and accessories. All of my pieces are rich with color and contrast. Using my extra paint to create beautiful jewelry & accessories lets me be a low waste artist and not have as big of an impact on the environment as other artists. Creating art and jewelry brings me a lot of joy. If I can bring a little bit of my joy into someones life with a painting or a beautiful necklace or with a pair of cuff links then I’ve done with I set out to do.
Clever Spider Plants & Curiosities As Cambridge-based plant enthusiasts with a particular appreciation of the natural world and all its many curiosities, we cultivate a selection of beautiful, unsual, and rare succulents and cacti. We also offer our handmade pots, plant themed accessories such as scarves and headbands, and inclusive, positive, plant-based stitched art pieces. We also happily offer all the succulent and cacti advice we have to give and bring a selection of reference books for folks to look through to help answer questions or pique interest.
COLONIZER BS I sell stickers as part of the COLONIZER BS public art culture jamming project. The stickers read: “This piece of media is COLONIZER BULLSH*T, consider supporting people of color in an effort towards decolonization.” The stickers are meant to be affixed to physical copies of media in order to create a disclaimer about the narratives presented in the piece of media. I will also be selling zines related to queer diasporic issues that are my personal writing.
Crafty Queer Studio I make handmade jewelry, wine charm sets, and buttons for the queer community, all focused on queer identities.
Cyclical in Nature Cyclical in Nature came to be from the notion that all things are meant to change and cycle throughout time and nature. It is my vision to honor and appreciate the beauty in each phase of this process by honoring the endless possibilities of repurposing and recycling items found, foraged and collected. Bringing new life to natural and found elements, along with collections that I feel inspired or called to manifest into reality.
Darius Silver Forge Handmade jewelry and leatherwork
Diegolandia I aim to show pretty things and images from and about my life, Diegolandia. Everything is from repurposed materials, with the help of many vibrant colors. Such materials range from paper, cardboard, wood, canvas, to glass, and wine corks. I work with recycled items for two reasons: first, we’re killing and polluting our planet with too many things that could still have a second life. I refuse to generate more trash by buying new things, when I’m capable of creating them myself by using repurposed items. Also, a lot of things, and people, never get a second chance; I want to give as many chances as I can in order to help the planet. My work begins when my obsession to reduce trash by recycling, meets my urge to create with my hands. I tend to be a person of few words, and I want my work to help me speak my mind.
Drawback Clothing I hand make different styles of clothing using a unique variety of fabrics and material. – Jackets – Shirts – Pants – Bags I also make small things using recycled skateboards – Display stands – Pencil holders – Picture frames
Eat Knit and Dye I sell project bags, stitch markers, and hand dyed yarn for knitting and crochet.
Elianacat’s Wares I make greeting cards, crochet cacti, stickers, and other wares!
Evens and Oddities Creative taxidermy and various specimens both wet and dry. Vintage medical equipment and antiques.
Feral Flesh New Surrealist fine art collages, prints, and stationary.
Fire Sign Studio Ceramics! Home stuff/witch stuff. I would also love to sell my “trans people will always exist” prints to benefit translifeline/directly fund local trans folk who are crowd fundraising.
Form & Tangle Handmade ceramics & macrame by Lauren. Screen printed totes & shirts by Kris.
fried cat press Selling comics, stickers, doodles, and prints made by me and my bf Bretton.
Gerrish I’m a maker – I sell a variety of work, from art prints to jewelry, and focus on queer femme identity as a primary theme.
Gracie Makes Things Handmade earrings and things.
Hacker Creations Sculptural collage and accessories made with recycled technology and imagination.
Handsome Hobo Neckwear Non-gender binding bow ties, neckties, cravats, neck pillows
Holy Crow Holy Crow is Art, Design, and Evidence. Best known for magical and macabre jewelry and accessories, we also fill the table with illustrations, zines, photography, witchcraft supplies, and curate ephemera from around the world. Sometimes we might offer palm or tarot readings too!
Hot Foot Vintage Vintage clothes and accessories from the 50s to the 90s and a crate or two of records.
Indigo Liz Comics, original art, stickers, zines
james walsh I am an illustrator who creates surreal or psychedelic drawings and paintings. I create alot of unique original characters. i will be selling originals and prints as well as tshirts that i have printed myself.
Jesanis Comics I make queer and trans Magical-girl and mental health comics, pins, and stickers.
KAOS Artwork I make images on canvas board or wood panels using acrylic paint, spray paint, and ball point pens. I sell originals and digitally edited prints of my work.
Kate Bresnahan Prints, self-published comics, enamel pins, embroidered patches, stickers, keychains
Kenahora I make amulets in the form of embroidered patches, leather and herb necklaces and wall hangings. I also make other handmade altar goods and ritual items, inspired by my own Jewitch practice.
Knee Deep Vintage Vintage Erotica, Smut, ophemera, records, cassettes and more
Lavender Menace Press Zines and prints
Little Beach Embroidery Hand embroidered art, patches, and clothing
Mass Love Distro Zines, books, CDs, pins, patches, stickers, etc.
MessyBxtch Handmade, one-of-a-kind mini canvases decorated with an assortment of materials, including beach glass and other found items. Each canvas is decorated with text, some words are my own & some are the writing of other poets & authors. 75% of the proceeds from any canvas featuring words that are not mine will go to Urban Word in New York City and The Transgender Women of Color Collective. In addition, I having been working on embroidery hoops in a variety of sizes and other assorted craft projects, particularly using clay, dried flowers, and other natural materials. My work is primarily LGBTQ themed, I make art that I need to see with the hope that someone else might need to see it too.
Mithsuca Art centered in qpoc representation ~ prints, zines, shirts stickers !
Mod & Fancy Vintage clothing.
Mud Hedz Really cool, handmade clay pipes
New 86 vintage Mostly Vintage and some old modern clothing and accessories
nightfall collective nightfall collective offers objects for home, inspired by nature and magic. all work is produced by independent women makers. nightfall collective cares most about all gardens everywhere, bringing plants and animals into your home, local community, emotional support, taking care of our friends, and every dog. art includes: planters, dreamcatchers, prints, pottery, stickers, bookmarks, some apparel.
No Direction Press & Booksellers
Nose Flair Nose Flair is my brand of Nose inspired apparel and art. All noses from the strange, the “ugly”, the beautiful, the snotty, the hairy, and beyond. Nose Flair is a line of custom made drawings, designs, and graphics on reused and recycled clothing and fabric. Along with tee-shirts, hoodies, patches, and other clothing- under the Nose Flair line is a giant volume of art pieces inspired by everything nose related. I will also bring along the Nose Flair “Nose Bible” which is a 108 page portfolio of a selection of 4 years worth of nose drawings for folks to skim through to order commissions of prints and custom pieces. The mission statement behind Nose Flair? To find the beauty in the strange, to celebrate the overlooked, and to wear your weaknesses as strength on your sleeve.
Not the Lights original artwork, paintings and drawings in various sizes
Opalsutra Lingerie I design and make handcrafted lingerie for all individuals, regardless of gender or size. Bodysuits and bralettes are typically my best sellers but I also have a large selection of evening robes.
Pain Chain/Mutual Aid Records Collage art, patches, stickers, tapes, add, shirts
Pan + Scan Illustration I am a Somerville-based illustrator making digital artwork inspired by various niches of pop culture, especially cult films, 80s performers, and women filmmakers. I sell prints, posters, stickers, pins, totes, and zines.
PM Press books mostly, I’m bringing some vinyl and CDs this time maybe
Pretty Kitty Press Bootleg toys, enamel pins, prints, stickers, patches, post cards
Rachel White Illustration Science-fiction/cyberpunk themed prints, stickers, cards and original art.
RAT Glass I’m an independent glassblower living and working in Somerville. I sell pipes, pendants, tea cups, vases, ornaments, terrariums, plant pots, light fixtures, shot glasses, and anything else I think of.
Salty Dames Relics vibtage goods from 1950’s-90’s. Women’s & Men’s vintage clothing, vinyl records, cameras & film, barware & home goods, magazines, posters, pop culture & ephemera.
Sam Pao Upcycled clothing with original art. Each garment is one of a kind, sustainable, & nonbinary, using screen printing, stamping, dyeing, beaching, painting & sewing.
Sarah K King Fanny packs and backpacks made of funky and cool mixed patterns, drawings, prints of drawings, cards, some customized clothing and maybe jewelry
Sew Something Fibers Embroidered jewelery,pins, patches,greeting cards, magnets, and more
Sherilyn Furneaux I sell photographs, photo tees, and sometimes collages using mix media
Shining Moon Studio Tarot-themed enamel pins, journals, clothing, stickers and accessories made from prints of hand-carved stamps, plus Tarot readings.
Singing Stones Jewelry Singing Stones Jewelry is handcrafted in Winthrop, MA of locally sourced semi-precious stones, sterling silver, surgical steel, gold fill and plate, and other natural materials. Also integral to our handmade creations are antique and vintage findings, and all pieces are one of a kind. We also offer a selection of vintage, estate, and antique jewelry and strive to keep discarded, broken, or older pieces from ending up in the waste cycle. Repairs and custom work can often be done on site.
Skeletons in the Closet Handmade clothing and accessories
SoupOfficial Carefully picked vintage clothing, new and old, all styles for everyone.
Spy Island Industries Original art (drawings and paintings), prints, black velvet portraits, zines
Stitched Type Stitched Type specializes in embroidered and sewn home decor items and accessories with a focus on sustainability. Materials are sourced secondhand to create one of a kind framed embroideries, to-go silverware wraps, reusable bags, patches, and more. In addition to finished work, Stitched Type will offer on site customization and consultations for future commissions.
Strange Pine
Studio Raza Handmade jewelry and acrylic pour art. Chainmaille, handstamping, traditional metalsmithing.
Subversive Textiles I make functional bags, with fabrics that make you happy and help you show the world who you are! My bags range from zip pouches, to totes, shoulder bags, fanny packs, wristlets, backpacks…. I also offer custom bag making services if what a customer wants isn’t ready made.
Sugar Pan!c Jewelry, plushies
Tammi Lee Oak I sell handmade stickers, t-shirts, mini-coloring books, sketchbooks, and prints
Thanks, I Made It Handmade jewelry, accessories, magnets, pins, and original art/prints
Thankyou_sean Art etc
The atomic garden Jewellery and arts
The Bone Lady Art and jewelry made from real animal and human bones
the current spark, Ian Hunter I will be selling rainbow plexiglass (for PRIDE!) and enameled copper jewelry, and Ian will be selling abstract digital prints of original paintings and collages
The Pulp Girls We make and sell wearable art in various forms: pins, patches, buttons, tees, socks, stickers, jewelry, cards, and art prints! We price our merch from $1 to $50 because we believe art should be accessible for all people. We’re also working to incorporate on-the-spot embroidery customizations for patrons in order to involve folks in the creative process.
Triangle Manor We are a queer screen printing art collective out of Medford, MA. We make EMPOWERING merch, currently in the form of t-shirts and fabric patches with our most popular design, GOD IS TRANS. ( We release a new design every month or so.
Triple Yeah Productions/Alexandra Derderian I sell small affordable paintings, pins, stickers and prints of my artwork which ranges from incorporating New England icons such as Market Basket bags as well as my paintings of band T-Shirts and tyedyes. My table also features spiritual readings from a tiny crystal ball from my gifted puppet, Giraffe, where people can get some clarity on their deepest/burning questions!
Underwater Ventriloquist Underwater Ventriloquist is an art and poetry project by Celene Chen. In her work, she explores her experiences as a second-generation Hong Konger and lesbian navigating love and burdens. Her drawings are predominantly ink and black-and-white. Her new zine, A Treatise on the Body as Curated by My Fingers, describes in individual triplets a queer relationship with bodies. Her poetry chapbook, Underwater Ventriloquist, connects her personal narrative with evolving responses on identity and her Love Poetry zine brings interpersonal tenderness to the forefront. By cataloging and sharing her story, she hopes to start conversations on identity and intergenerational impacts as a Chinese-American lesbian.
Viscera Print Goods & Ephemera Viscera is a roving anarchist book and zine distro based in Providence, RI. Our interests are varied but we gravitate toward queer, anti-civilization, green anarchist, and nihilist writing from small publishers and sometimes from ourselves.
Wacky Auntie Jackie’s Artwork Drawings/prints, paintings, assorted painted items, handmade jewelry, tie-dyed clothing, altered used clothing, knitted scarves and hats.
Zombie Romance Spooky cute prints, pins, jewelry, etc
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